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Hadassah College’s Department of Photographic Communications provides students with the technical and professional tools necessary to achieve success, while emphasizing the role mass communications plays in our society and culture. They are shown how photographers are communicators equipped with the understanding and motivation to develop individual styles and discover inner artistic potential. Students may specialize in business/advertising photography as well as news/documentary photography.  

A new addition to the Photographic Communications department is a photographic gallery, which has become an integral part of the students’ learning and training. This space is devoted to providing students with the opportunity to apply their artistic style and curatorial skills while bringing original creations to view. Versatile in style, the teaching gallery allows students to plan every aspect of mounting an exhibit, including making decisions on lighting or dividing the space, gaining experience in how exhibits are funded, and learning how artwork is transported and insured.  

After being wounded during combat duty during his IDF service, Yoav decided to pursue the field of photography, which he had been drawn to since childhood. He feels that he has received very thorough technical training in Hadassah Academic College, “getting to know the camera from the inside out.” However, his eyes light up when he speaks of the special atmosphere at the college. “The constant exchange with teachers and other students stimulates creativity. The teachers truly care and want you to develop to your full potential.”

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