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Houston Chapter's Major Donor Event Celebrates Hadassah's Centennial

The Houston Chapter of Hadassah invites you to its Major Donor Event celebrating Hadassah's 2012 Centennial.  A superb kosher dinner buffet reception will be held on Tuesday, October 11th at 6:30 pm at the home of Rhoda and Steve Saka. Our guest speaker is cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Michael F. Reardon of Houston's Methodist Hospital.

Two years ago, Hadassah Univesity Hospital- Ein Kerem joined forces with Houston's Methodist Hospital to save the life of Israeli Uri Kalev, who faced certain death from terminal heart cancer. Twenty-two doctors had previously delivered the same news:  Kalev had just days to live. That was until Dr. Oz Shapira of Hadassah University Hospital - Ein Kerem stepped in to help. As director of cardiothoracic surgery, Dr. Shapira searched exhaustively until he discovered cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Michael F. Reardon of  Houston's Methodist Hospital. Dr. Reardon was the only known doctor in the world who could perform an auto-transplant, the procedure of removing a difficult to reach tumor by cutting out the heart, removing the tumor, rebuilding the heart and surrounding tissues and reimplantation.  Within days, Dr. Reardon and Dr. Oz made headlines by being part of team of cardiothoracic surgeons, who gave a dying man a second chance at life.

And now you too, can hear firsthand the miraculous story of how a bridge of compassion and medical expertise was built between Houston and Hadassah through this lifesaving surgery. Event co-chairs Francine Beckman and Robin Littman invite you to be a part of this very special evening. The guest speaker is Dr. Michael F. Reardon, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Houston's Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center. The kosher dinner buffet will be catered by Martine Levine of Fresh Foods Catering. Couvert is $54 per person. To attend, please send your check for the couvert made payable to the Houston Chapter of Hadassah to the office, 4654 Beechnut, Houston 77096. Your check is your reservation.  If you have any questions, please contact the Hadasah office at 713-661-1022.

Please visit the Houston Chapter website at:


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