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Program Ideas around the Region



Plan a “Hadassah Shabbat” in your city…

Shreveport recently conducted “Hadassah Shabbat” at one of their two synagogues. It is part of an annual partnership in which they deliver all, or part of, the sermon. This year, co-presidents Carol Ginsburg and Debby Dlin spoke about Hadassah from different perspectives to a receptive group of congregants. Carol's talk was dedicated to Hadassah's past, present and future. "Hadassah will always have a presence in Shreveport", Carol predicted. Debby spoke about Hadassah College in Jerusalem and pointed out that a $10,000 donation would cover an entire education at Hadassah College. Members of the congregation were very interested and asked pertinent questions at the Oneg Shabbat after the service. For more information, contact Debby Dlin: ardy1@msn.com

Conduct a Tour of Hadassah Art in an art gallery in your city...

Discover Chagall, Calder, and many more outstanding artists' work at "Art@ Hadassah". It is a virtual tour of the stunningly beautiful and significant works of art that grace the halls, gardens, and public spaces of Hadassah in Israel and the U.S. Consider showing part or all of this 32-minute narrated online tour at an upcoming meeting at a home or gallery for a fascinating, ready-made program. Click here to take the tour.

Create a “Hadassah Kids” Club with your Child Life Members…

When the McAllen Valley Chapter celebrated the Centennial by adding more than 60 new life members, over 30 of them were children. They had the brilliant idea to form “Hadassah Kids” to add meaning to the childrens’ new life memberships and help them develop a positive attitude toward the organization from a young age. At the same time, the Chapter also wanted to increase its presence in the community. So they decided to participate in a community walk early one Saturday morning in May. It was a beautiful experience for the kids and gave Hadassah fantastic exposure to the McAllen community. For more information, contact Andrea Temkin: temkinandrea@gmail.com

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