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Hadassah members make a personal impact at home and on the local, national and global community— every day. As a member, you enrich the lives of American Jewish women by focusing on vital issues and making tangible connections to Israel and Zionism through education and supporting the Hadassah Medical Organization and Israel projects.

Hadassah members have power--in every congressional district across the United States. Hadassah's collective voice, with 330,000 members, associates and supporters, fights to protect reproductive freedom, separation of church and state, discrimination based on genetic information, family medical leave, hate crimes and other issues of importance to American Jewish women...that's power that has real impact!

Hadassah members are the ambassadors of female empowerment—Hadassah fully believes and supports the potential and personal growth of women. Institutes, workshops, leadership development and the Hadassah Leadership Fellows program make that potential a reality.

Hadassah has hundreds of chapters across the country where you can find your own perfect niche. Discover lifelong friendships with women who share your passion.

Continue the great tradition of Jewish education and expand your knowledge and intellectual horizons through local book clubs and other programs. Hadassah members impact local communities by educating teenagers and adults on the importance of breast self-examination, teaching how to advocate for those in need of constant care, raising awareness of the importance of organ donation, and supporting women in need through the Hadassah Foundation. Hadassah members impact the world in thousands of different ways, everyday. Where will you choose to make your impact?

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Give the gift of Life Membership or Associate enrollment and receive a multi-generational pin

As a Hadassah Member or Associate, you make a difference every day as Hadassah researches cures, protects children in need, promotes worldwide humanitarian relief, and stands in solidarity with Israel.

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to Hadassah Members' Insurance Program
  • Exclusive travel offers
  • For 2014 New Life Members only-$100 discount off any Hadassah mission
  • Subscription to award winning Hadassah Magazine
  • Advocacy, Health and Jewish education programs
  • hNews—Hadassah’s National eNewsletter
  • Professional networking opportunities and Continuing Education Credits (CEU's )
  • Participate in local Hadassah activities
  • Life membership recognition pin (for Life Members only)
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