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Our Associates

As a Hadassah Associate, you stand side by side with more than 30,000 other men who are committed to making a difference in Israel and your community. We support Hadassah, Jewish continuity and Israel by identifying new sources of funds from individuals and corporations through innovative activities, projects and missions.

Find more information on the Associates Homepage.

Make a Difference in Israel

Hadassah offers tangible ways to connect with Israel and Zionism through education, promoting support for our Israel projects and acting as informed goodwill ambassadors to the Jewish State through the following:

Make A Difference in your Community

Hadassah strives to enrich the lives of American men by focusing on issues important to you! Learn how Hadassah makes a difference in so many lives through taking action!

Make a Difference for Yourself

There is always a place for you in Hadassah—Just decide how you want to be involved!

For more information about Our Associates, email associates@hadassah.org, or call 800-664-5646 or JOIN NOW

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