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Our Issues in Israel


The Hadassah Foundation focuses on economic empowerment for low-income women in Israel because:

  • Studies show that women who achieve economic independence spend a greater percentage of household income on food, children's clothes, education, and health than do men.
  • Helping women means helping families.
  • Israel is ranked second in the world as the country with the widest gap between rich and poor.
  • A significant number of people living in poverty are women and children from minority communities – frequently new immigrants.
  • The government has dramatically reduced welfare benefits.
  • The major obstacles that prevent women from becoming entrepreneurs are lack of access to financing at affordable rates and lack of appropriate training.
  • Studies show that providing credit programs for women helps them achieve economic self-sufficiency.
  • Women have proven to be good credit risks.

Sources: Myers-JDC Brookdale Institute; Annual Survey of the National Insurance Institute of Israel; Aspen Institute Self-Employment Learning Project (SELP); Women’s Empowerment and Micro-Finance Programs, research by Linda Mayoux; Consultive Group to Assist the Poor (World Bank) best practices papers.

  • Women Helping Women
  • Press Release
  • The Hadassah Foundation, partners with U.S., Israel Women's Foundations to promote gender equality

    Recent acts of illegal exclusion and discrimination against women in Israel have spurred an international movement and a unique collaboration of individual Jewish women's groups.

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