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Purim Mask Craft Project

Purim Mask Craft Project

Masquerading on the festival of Purim has become a norm in the Jewish community.

The Book of Esther is named after the heroine, who hides her identity until she puts on "the garments of royalty."

These garments actually help her to reveal the truth and drop her obedience and submission. She is transformed from a passive and sheltered girl into an active woman with a royal status. Vashti, is depicted as a successful queen who is assertive and experienced in the ways of the world. She actually is revealed in her failure--she starts out as someone with status and is sent away with none. Zeresh, the wife of Haman, who does not think too highly of her, turns out to be quite wise behind her mask, in comparison to Haman who is obtuse and stupid. *

Put on a masquerade of your own with these mask templates:

Download all of the Purim Masks (pdf)


  1. Print out Purim Character Masks (heavy paper or light card stock works best!)
  2. Color or Decorate
  3. Cut out and punch holes for string to tie mask around head
  4. Tie string through holes

Masks can be used as table centerpieces, fun decorations, or worn to a Purim Shpiel or party.

* Content provided by myjewishlearning.com

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