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Hadassah Academic College

At Hadassah Academic College, students from throughout Israel can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of subjects that provide them with the skills and credentials they need to build their lives, pursue promising careers, and contribute to the economic vitality of the country.

What do we do?

Hadassah Academic College (HAC) is the only accredited academic institution in downtown Jerusalem, and is ranked #1 of all colleges in Israel. Established in 1970 to meet the changing needs in Israel for trained professionals, HAC provides a practical, intensive, nurturing, and enriching academic experience for students from all over the country, and educates students to contend with the challenges of that modern, professionally-driven society.

The College is committed to creating an environment for exceptional education, social interaction, and cultural enrichment that students require for successful professional placement that also meets the needs of Israel's industry and marketplace. To meet these needs, HAC offers a variety of programs and curricula that keep pace with evolutions -- and revolutions -- in science, medicine, industry, and communications. Evidence of our success is the fact that 90% of our graduates find employment in their chosen fields within six months of graduation.

About half our students are the first in their families to achieve higher education. Hadassah Academic College gives them the opportunity to take their place in Israeli society.

But 50% of our students depend on financial aid to attend HAC, so your support is critical. Your donation will prepare these young men and women to contribute to, and benefit from, Israel's ever-changing economy.

Since before the State of Israel was born, Hadassah has understood the importance of education; and since that time has continuously provided training and education opportunities. By offering the gift of knowledge, we give hope, independence and, new opportunities.

Carol Goodman Kaufman, Ph.D.
Chair, Hadassah Academic College

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For more information please contact:

Carol Goodman Kaufman
HCJ Chair

Recent Updates from Hadassah Academic College

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Professor Bertold Fridlender, Chair of the Department of Biotechnology at Hadassah Academic College, was involved from the beginning in helping to plan the curriculum, to gain academic accreditation and to handpick an excellent faculty from a mix of academics and experts from biotechnology companies.

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