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Remembering Henrietta

Hadassah founder Henrietta Szold was born in 1860 and died 84 years later. In the intervening years, she changed the world.

We recall her vision, her strength, her intelligence and her passion. Her love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Though she had no children of her own, Henrietta lives on in the millions of women, men and children saved by Hadassah medical care and research; in the refugee children she welcomed to Israel through Youth Aliyah, when war clouds darkened over Europe; in the generations of Young Judaeans who developed a lifelong connection to Israel and their Jewish heritage.

Henrietta lives on, too, in hundreds of thousands of Hadassah members: activists and advocates, doers and dreamers, who every day lend their strength, their support and their goodness to Israel and the Jewish people.

At the gravesite of Henrietta Szold during her funeral

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Standing on Henrietta Szold’s Shoulders
By Shuly Rubin Schwartz

Henrietta Szold - Zionist, Educator
Writing in 1960, Rose Halprin z”l provided insight into Henrietta Szold’s dedication to Israel, Zionism and education. Ms. Halprin, who knew Ms. Szold well, served as National President of Hadassah from 1932 to 1934 and again from 1947 to 1952.

Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer
Henrietta Szold was such a personality, and Hadassah is the institution that is the lengthened shadow of her being. In this brief sketch we shall attempt to follow albeit only in outline, the impact of Henrietta Szold on the medical work of Hadassah of which she was the creative fount.
Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 1)
Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 2)
Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 3)
Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 4)
Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 5)
Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 6)
Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 7)

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Henrietta Szold
December 21, 1860 – February 13, 1945
8 Tevet 5621 – 30 Shevat 5705

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