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A Yahrzeit Story

We want to think we will always be remembered. We want to believe that on the anniversary of our passing, our children, our grandchidren will remember us. And sometimes, that is the case. It is up to us through our words and our actions to ensure this is the case.

This past week, I have been looking through family photo albums: photos with my Father, my niece, and my grandparents. (Those who have passed before me.) In our family, we have each selected a grandparent to make a Yahrzeit in Israel in their name, and my Father and niece are also included in that group.

When people ask how do they know whose name to read each day, I know the answer. It isn't because someone taught me the answer. It's because I was there. Each name is written very neatly into a Yahrzeit book and every month has a separate book. Every day, during Kaddish, the book is opened to the correct date and every name is read for that day. The last time I was there, I asked them to open the book for the month of Tevet, the tenth day and there was my Father's name.

The question becomes - have you given this gift to your loved ones? Will your children do the same for you? And if you have no children or if you have good friends, without children, you can do this wonderful gift for them.

We live in the most affluent society. We don't need more "things". We need to show people that we care.

As always, I ask you to share the secret of Hadassah with your friends and those you chat with. Give the gift of Hadassah membership - give a gift to Hadassah. Remember, we do make a difference.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Carol Ann Schwartz
Central States Region

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