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  1. HADASSAH MOUNT SCOPUS Meet with medical personnel and take an in-depth tour ofHadassah's first medical center at Mount Scopus.
  2. HADASSAH COLLEGE Visit the Hadassah College campus to meet with staff and students as welearn about the various academic programs being offered. Learn about the community services offeredby the College, as well as its recent certification as a "green campus."
  3. BEIT AR-EL At Beit Ar-El,At Beit Ar-El, the renovated headquarters of Young Judaea, meet with Young Judaea YearCourse participants to hear firsthand about their unique Israel experience and activities.

  5. YAD VASHEM Experience Israel's Holocaust Memorial and Museum, where many moving exhibitionshonor the memory of those who perished at the hands of the Nazis. Memorials we will visit include theHall of Names and the Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations.
  6. HAR HERZL AND THE HERZL MUSEUMVisit the gravesites of Theodor Herzl, Golda Meir, YitzhakRabin and other Israeli dignitaries at the Har Herzl Cemetery. Continue to the Herzl Museum, where welearn about the life and work of the great Zionist leaders.
  7. BEGIN CENTER, RUSSIAN COMPOUND, ASIREI HAMACHTAROT MUSEUM Tour theMenachem Begin Center, where interactive multimedia exhibitions detail the life of Menachem Beginand the history of the State of Israel. Continue to the Russian Compound, one of the oldest areas inJerusalem, where we view the Underground Prisoners Museum. At the Asirei Hamachtarot Museum, welearn about the life of Jerusalemites before and after the War of Independence.
  8. ISRAEL MUSEUM: FOCUS ON JUDAICA Explore the Israel Museum, with a special focus on theJudaica exhibits and the special exhibitions currently on display. The Jack, Joseph, and Morton MandelWing for Jewish Art and Life presents the religious artwork of Jewish communities worldwide, withworks dating from the Middle Ages up to present times.
  9. ISRAEL MUSEUM: SHRINE OF THE BOOK AND MODEL OF JERUSALEM Our trip to theIsrael Museum will take us to the Shrine of the Book, where the Dead Sea Scrolls, along with many otherancient artifacts, are preserved and displayed. We then view the fascinating Model of Jerusalem as itstood during the Time of the Second Temple, recreated to-scale in stunning detail.

  11. SHILO Travel in a protected bus just north of Beit El, where we visit with community members in theShilo settlement, and learn from them about the history of their communitiy and life beyond the greenline. There is a $30 surcharge for this option.
  12. GUSH ETZION Travel to Gush Etzion in a protected bus, hear about the history of attemptedsettlement in this area before the War of Independence and learn about the modern development of thecommunities here. Speak with local residents about their successes and the challenges they face.Visit themuseum and the bunker.There is a $30 surcharge for this option.
  13. MUSEUM ON THE SEAM AND THE SECURITY FENCE Learn about the current security andborder issues in Israel as we view the widely discussed security fence. Visit the Museum on the Seam,where socio-political exhibitions communicate ideas of peace and coexistence.
  14. JERUSALEM DURING THE SIX-DAY WAR Learn about the Six Day War as we visit locationsthroughout Jerusalem that played an important part in the 1967 War. Begin at the Tomb of Samuel andcontinue to Mt. Scopus and Ammunition Hill, sights of intense battles, now serving as living memorialsto those who gave their lives in defense of the country. We end our day at the Western Wall with newappreciation for our ability to visit this holy site.
  15. GREATER JERUSALEM Enjoy a comfortable bus tour of the communities surrounding Jerusalem.See first-hand these areas which are frequently in the news.

  17. JERUSALEM UNDER SIEGE Take a ride along Israel's "Burma Road" in a beautiful Jewish NationalFund forest. We'll discuss Israel's strategic defenses and important military outposts during the War ofIndependence, and the important role General Mickey Marcus played in the construction of the road.There is a $40 surcharge for this option.
  18. RABBINICAL TUNNELS AND THE DAVIDSON CENTER Discover the wonders of ancientJerusalem, beginning with a visit to the Davidson Center, where multimedia exhibitions detail thehistory and construction of the Temple Mount area. Continue with a fascinating tour of the WesternWall Tunnels running underneath the Temple Mount.
  19. IR DAVID Explore the well-preserved archaeological wonder of Ir David. Relive King David's conquest ofJerusalem over 3,000 years ago as we discover the amazing new excavations and the water system.
  20. HERODIAN MANSIONS AND BURNT HOUSE Discover life as it was during the time of theSecond Temple. Visit the Burnt House, destroyed a month after the Second Temple fell, for an audiovisualpresentation with fascinating details about the ancient days of Jerusalem. At the HerodianMansions, discover how the the wealthiest Jerusalemites lived over 2,000 years ago.
  21. RACHEL'S TOMB AND YAD LAKASHISH Visit the burial place of the biblical matriarch Rachel,wife of Jacob and mother of two of his twelve sons. Rachel's Tomb, considered by Jews as the thirdholiest site, has become an important place of Jewish pilgrimage, especially for Jewish women. Performmitzvah when visiting Yad Lakashish, "Lifeline for the Old."
  22. HURVA SYNAGOGUE AND THE TEMPLE INSTITUTE Discover the ancient Hurva Synagogue inJerusalem's Old City, which recently underwent an extensive renovation. Learn about the Temple Insitute,dedicated to the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, and the recentr econstruction of the holy vessels of the Temple.

  24. SCAVENGER HUNT Participate in an engaging and friendly scavenger hunt that will familiarize uswith Jerusalem's beautiful neighborhoods and historical landmarks.
  25. JERUSALEM ART TOUR Meet with local Jerusalem artists, including a jeweler, a pottery-maker, and apainter. Visit the artists' galleries and learn about their inspirations and techniques as wev iew their works
  26. CULINARY TOUR Experience traditional Israeli food on a chef-led tour through Machane Yehudamarket, followed by a hands-on cooking lesson as we prepare delicious Middle Eastern snacks. There is a$160 surcharge for this option.



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