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Presenting to Students about Nursing

Sandy Ottenberg at Christine McAuliffe Middle School's career fair in Jackson, NJ on 3-25-11

In 15 years, the students you talk to today will be taking care of your loved ones tomorrow. Be part of educating the next generation of nurses.

Now in its seventh year, Hadassah's Task Force for Nursing has sent member nurses all across the country to speak about their profession at Jewish and secular schools, ranging from elementary school to college. Hadassah nurses discuss different degree programs, salary tracks, and career options for potential nurses. Hadassah's Task Force for Nursing Student Outreach program has reached 13,026 students to date. During the 2010-2011 school year, nurses presented to 2,905 students from coast to coast!

As an ancillary focus, Hadassah's Task Force for Nursing also seeks to inspire current nurses to become nursing educators and university professors, and teach their craft to the next generation.

Presentations can be done by individually or in groups by Hadassah nurses. This is an excellent opportunity to provide a mentoring experience to fellow, younger nurses, or to be mentored by others.

If you are interested in presenting to schools about nursing, please contact Shaena Grossman at 212-303-8016 or by email at sgrossman@hadassah.org.

We salute our nurses who have volunteered their wonderful talents, amidst difficult economic times, to positively impact others.

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