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Hadassah's Breast Cancer Awareness Center


Hadassah supporting breast cancer
research and awareness from A to DD

PROJECT UPLIFT is Hadassah's community outreach campaign to promote breast cancer awareness here in the United States and around the globe. Over 330,000 members of Hadassah and women worldwide will be invited to show their support by decorating a bra and displaying their creations on Hadassah's online photo collection. In the comfort of your home, or at events organized in cities throughout the country, you will be able to take an active role in bringing visibility to this devastating disease that knows no race or religion.

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Learn how to do Breast Self Examination
with our Check it Out® for Adults video

Check It Out® for Adults is a breast cancer awareness program for women and men of all ages that is focused on disease prevention and screening for the purpose of early detection and treatment.

Leading Breast Cancer Expert Rejects Universal BRCA Testing of Jewish Women

Earlier this month in The New York Times, a geneticist called for ALL Jewish women to be tested by age 30 for the gene which prompts risk of breast & ovarian cancer. One option is to have those reproductive organs removed. That is not a good idea, says our hospital's leading oncologist Prof. Tamar Peretz.

Celebrating the Ta Tas

"Celebrating the Ta Tas" events combine fundraising for breast cancer research at HMO, education, and unselfconscious celebration of female beauty. Women young and old, including a few with mastectomies, allow artists to decorate their bare chests with body paint.

Breast Cancer Update/Fall 2014

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

Hadassah Leads the Way

Groundbreaking Breast Cancer Research at Hadassah Medical Organization

Groundbreaking Breast Cancer Research at Hadassah Medical Organization

Get A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Marlene Greenebaum Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Breast Center

The Future is Now:
New Ways of Detecting Breast Cancer

On October 9, Hadassah's Health & Wellness Team presented a special program at Hadassah's national headquarters, featuring Dr. Tamar Sella, Director of Hadassah Medical Organization's Diagnostic Breast Imaging Center, live from Jerusalem!

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