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Art @ Hadassah

Hadassah has long recognized both the esthetic and very practical value of the arts. Many exceptional art holdings grace the halls, gardens and other public places both in Israel and the United States.

Artists and donors have created and funded works of art to beautify and hence add warmth, serenity, and inspiration to the halls that daily witness the medical trauma and triumph.

The items selected here are part of a far larger collection. They were deliberately chosen for their diversity. Some were commissioned; some were the gifts of generous donors. Some are interwoven with Zionist history from the early pre-State period and including modern Israel. Some are whimsical, some uplifting, some commemorative, and some majestic. All speak to Hadassah's unwavering commitment to its Mission of "the centrality of Israel based on the renaissance of the Jewish People in its historic homeland… and unity of the Jewish people."

Explore this unique sampling. Take pride in a century of accomplishment, always with an eye to the future! This Art@Hadassah virtual tour is a long overdue gift we give ourselves!

Legal Disclaimer
The artwork on this site is available for nonprofit educational purposes only. The artwork should not be copied or printed.


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