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One Wonderful Story

One Wonderful Story

By Carol Goodman Kaufman

We moved to Worcester in 1981 and began renovating our 1900-era house in a decidedly non-Jewish neighborhood. One day when I was in the backyard with the landscaper, I asked him to identify the green vines on my back wall. He told me they were myrtle. Several years later, I was serving as the President of the Worcester Chapter of Hadassah when, one late afternoon while making supper, I got a phone call. On the line was a gentleman who wanted to tell me that his mother had recently died in her 90s and, at her instruction, he wanted to make a donation to Hadassah in her name. (She knew that bequests would not count toward quota, and she had wanted her money to help the chapter reach its goals.) Because our chapter did not have its own phone number, this man called New York to get the President's contact information. He said, "When they gave me your address, I got chills up my spine." "Why is that?" I asked. "That is the house I grew up in when my mother was the Hadassah Chapter President." Bertha Price Lyons had planted the myrtle -- hadassah in Hebrew.

What were the chances that two Hadassah presidents would live in the same house? The following spring, I gave cuttings from that myrtle to all newly installed officers on our chapter board. Submit your story today.

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