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Hadassah Storybook

Thin Threads: Real Stories of Hadassah Life Changing Moments

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In keeping with ancient Jewish tradition, it is fitting to ask a question: Why is this book different from all other books?

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Because, all other books are read and put away; this book will be read, cherished, and passed on to future generations.

All other books are filled with dry narratives or fiction; this book will be filled with authentic, inspiring moments.

All other books deal with the past, present OR future; this book deals with all three, through an entire century as we celebrate our centennial year!

And last but not least, all other books deal with people and places we may never know, while this book tells the stories of Hadassah - our beloved organization.

Why should you buy this book – because you will hold in your hands, or give a gift of Hadassah's life stories of the past, present and forever! As Marlene Post says: "This is the book that will get in your kishkas!"

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Hadassah Storybook and Thin Threads

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