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Celebrating Retirement

You know what? I’ve been wanting to be a Keeper of the Gate for a long time. I would love to feel that my annual gift to HMO is meaningful. How can I do that? It’s hard to take money from our everyday needs to satisfy this yearning. And now that I am almost 65 and retiring it is even harder to imagine.

But there is another side to this coin. 65 years old and going on Medicare. 65 years old and getting Social Security. WOW, this IS the time to become a Keeper of the Gate. My health care bills will be lower. This is great. YES, sign me up as soon as Medicare kicks in. And at $83.33 on my credit card I will hardly feel it. What a great way to celebrate my retirement!

Helen Weisberg

Keepers of the Gate is Hadassah's first National annual giving society, and ensures millions of dollars to support the day-to-day needs of Hadassah's vital projects and programs, saving and sustaining lives around the world.

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