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Attorneys Council News

Hadassah Attorneys in Action

Hadassah's Professional Networking Councils provide a unique opportunity for our members and male Associates to connect with others who share the same vocation and stand in solidarity with Israel through Hadassah. Councils provide a venue where individuals can pursue personal growth and enhance their professional knowledge through collegial exchanges, member only programs, and continuing education opportunities.

Hadassah Members and Associates who are attorneys are invited to connect locally and nationally. Local Attorneys Councils enable lawyers to meet, network and discuss legal and social issues that relate to their careers and the Jewish community while promoting Hadassah's mission. Local programs vary and may include continuing legal education, social events and community service projects. On the national level, the National Center for Attorneys Councils works closely with Hadassah's advocacy initiatives, and organizes the annual U.S. Supreme Court Swearing In events, the Amicus Brief Program, trips to Israel especially for attorneys and continuing legal education pilot programs that can be replicated nationwide.

Hadassah's Swearing In Program

The Swearing In Program offers Life Member and Associate attorneys the opportunity to be sworn in as members of the United States Supreme Court Bar. This whirlwind 24-hour event is the ultimate inside look at the U.S. Supreme Court. Participants have the opportunity to attend oral arguments before the nine Supreme Court justices, meet with the Supreme Court's Chief Clerk, Marshal and Librarian, receive a private tour of the Supreme Court Library, and attend a private meeting with a Supreme Court Justice. The event also features dinner with a notable speaker. Past speakers have included Supreme Court litigators Nathan and Alyza Lewin, Deputy Solicitor General Michael Dreeben, SCOTUSblog editor Amy Howe, Dahlia Lithwick of Slate.com, and Attorney/Mediator Kenneth Feinberg.

Read a first-hand account from the Hadassah Swearing In Program that took place February 23-24, 2014.

Hadassah's Amicus Brief Program

Through Hadassah's Amicus Brief Program, Hadassah joins amicus curiae ("friend of the court") briefs filed by partner organizations which focus on Hadassah's domestic policy priorities. Hadassah Members and Associates who are attorneys review the briefs and provide input on which should be signed. By joining amicus briefs Hadassah influences many important cases affecting the rights of women and the Jewish community in the United States.

In the last three years, Hadassah has joined over 20 amicus briefs concentrated on the topics of contraceptive access; the Defense of Marriage Act and same-sex marriage; separation of church and state; and Title IX. Other briefs were also signed regarding the Affordable Care Act, public funding of stem cell research, and the State Department's designation of Jerusalem on U.S. passports.

Download the Amicus Brief Kit (PDF) and learn how to join the program.


To join the National Center for Attorneys Councils or for any additional information about the council and its programming, please contact attorneyscouncils@hadassah.org.

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