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Your Personal Goals…and Hadassah’s

"Sivan arrives in late spring. In Sivan we harvest our crop and enjoy the vibrancy of nature."* What a wonderful time to join the family of Keepers of the Gate.

Sivan, the Hebrew month of May-June includes Shavuot. It is spring time, a time of blossoming. It has been said that Sivan "is a time of gaining clarity of vision, discovering one's life purpose, and receiving guidance and direction on actualizing our personal goals"*. We have goals for many things. Personal goals may include family issues, our own development and growth and of course in Hadassah we have similar goals.

Goals in Hadassah are financial, educational, and medical. Clarity of vision moves us forward, life's purpose gives that direction, receiving guidance gives us structure, and it all adds up to actualizing our personal goals within Hadassah.

A Keeper of the Gate, annual gift to Hadassah surely fulfills these personal and Hadassah goals. Consider how $1,000 or more annually affects Hadassah fulfilling its goals. It enables the extraordinary work of Hadassah to continue to grow.

For more information, please email keepers@hadassah.org, call 800.928.0685, or visit www.hadassah.org/keepers.

*Kabbalah Month by Month by Melinda Ribner

Keepers of the Gate is Hadassah's first National annual giving society, and ensures millions of dollars to support the day-to-day needs of Hadassah's vital projects and programs, saving and sustaining lives around the world.

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