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Keepers for Nursing


Keepers for Nursing

What is Keepers for Nursing?

Keepers of the Gate is Hadassah's national annual giving program, with over 4,000 women and men donating millions of dollars each year to support Hadassah's lifesaving and life-sustaining work around the world. Keepers for Nursing is part of the Keepers of the Gate family, where your donation will sustain the nursing needs of Hadassah.

How exactly is my donation helping as a Keeper for Nursing?

By becoming a Keeper for Nursing, your money will fund all nursing elements at Hadassah, including:

  • Nursing positions at Hadassah's hospitals in Ein Kerem and on Mount Scopus
  • Faculty positions at the School of Nursing. The School of Nursing is closely linked with the hospitals, since the teaching faculty work in the hospital and the nursing students are trained in the hospitals.
  • Nursing budget that is part of the overall Hadassah Medical Organization budget.

What are the levels of giving to become a Keeper for Nursing?

There are three levels of giving in the Keepers of the Gate program:

  • Traditional: $1,000-$1,799 annually
  • Chai: $1,800-$4,999 annually
  • Golden: $5,000+ annually

    What payment methods does Hadassah accept?

    You can pay by:

    • Credit card
    • Check
    • Stocks/bonds
    • Israel bonds

    Be sure to include your preference when filling out the form – you can access the form online at www.hadassah.org/keepersgift or request it by contacting keepers@hadassah.org or 800.928.0685.

    Can I donate over time throughout the year instead of in one donation?

    Absolutely! You can donate in monthly installments on your credit card, which comes out to $83.33/month for a $1,000 annual gift. You can also choose to donate semi-annually or quarterly. Just include your preference on the form.

    If I am currently a Keeper of the Gate, can I transfer to Keepers for Nursing?

    Of course! Just contact the National Hadassah office in New York at 800.928.0685 or keepers@hadassah.org, and we'll take care of it for your future Keepers donations.

    What kind of recognition do I receive as a Keeper for Nursing?

    Keepers of the Gate pillar at
    Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem

    David's Harp pin

    Keepers Commemorative Certificate
    Every Keeper is eligible to receive a David's Harp pin (photo on left not according to size), designed by Israeli artist Rachel Gera. Please note that the Keeper's pin is not tax deductible according to the fair market value of the pin, and will be noted accordingly in your tax acknowledgement letter.

    After five years of giving annually, your name is inscribed on the Keepers of the Gate pillar at Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem (see photo on right).

    After ten years, you will receive a beautifully engraved Commemorative Certificate (sample shown at left) inscribed with your name.

    Can a chapter be a Keeper for Nursing?

    We're sorry but a chapter cannot be a Keeper. This is an individual gift.

    Does my chapter or region get credit if I become a Keeper for Nursing?

    Yes, all Keepers donations are credited towards the respective chapter or region goal.

    How does my donation as a Keeper for Nursing count with cumulative giving?

    With a minimum donation of $1,000 or more given after March 1, 2012 (Keepers or otherwise), your gifts (any amount) will begin accumulating toward the next giving level. If you are part of the Family of Founders or Society of Major Donors, your gifts are already cumulating.

    For more information on Keepers for Nursing,
    please contact 1-800-928-0685 or keepers@hadassah.org.

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