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Hadassah Centennial In The News

Hadassah In the News

The Real Jerusalem Streets
Hadassah Women Cause Chaos
in Center of Jerusalem

"Please friends, keep shopping and come back to Jerusalem, Israel,to cause this kind of chaos anytime!" the blogger writes.

New tower dedicated at Hadassah Hospital

The Jerusalem Post: Gil Troy
Celebrating Hadassah's Activist, Pragmatic, Identity Zionism

from Haaretz
subscription may be required

On the State of the Israeli Female Professional: "A High-Wire Act"

Female professionals in Israel are having the same challenges as women in the US: it's tough to balance work and family.

Never too late: Five Florida golden agers celebrate bat mitzvah in Jerusalem

As Hadassah celebrates its centennial in Jerusalem, a few of its veteran members also come of age.

Feeling Charitable Again

Set back by the global economic crisis and the Madoff scandal, Israel charities that raise money in the U.S. appear to be climbing their way back.

First ladies

If history has taught us anything, it is this: There is no challenge that a Hadassah lady isn't willing to take on.

Hadassah Hospital: Extending a 'hand to all'

Hadassah's hospitals in Jerusalem have served a mixed community of Arabs and Jews for decades. Their mission is to extend a 'hand to all, without regard for race, religion or ethnic origin'.

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