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Why I became a Golden Keeper of the Gate

In a Passover greeting card to our Golden Keepers of the Gate, we asked what inspired each person to commit to giving at least $5,000 annually to Hadassah. Here are several of the wonderful responses we received:

"We love Hadassah's commitment to the Jewish people, to Israel, to education, to medicine, to research and development and to being a bridge to peace. We love that the Hadassah Medical Organization had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. We love being a part of something bigger than ourselves. We love the amazing friends we have made over the years in Hadassah."

"I read the Hadassah magazine about the growing technology at the Hadassah Hospital. I was deeply impressed with the advancement our doctors are making to cure so many diseases. I was especially touched by the fact that they treat all the people. And I can't wait to go to Israel and see my name on a Keepers of the Gate Pillar at Hadassah Ein Kerem in Jerusalem."

"I asked my husband if he wanted to become an Associate Keeper or if we should become Golden Keepers. He doesn't like being singled out, so we became Golden Keepers. Then I went and made him an Associate Keeper at the Keeper of the Gate reception in Jerusalem during Hadassah's Centennial Celebration. For me, it's just one more way to make a meaningful contribution to helping others." This response came from our very own National President, Marcie Natan!

Won't you consider joining these wonderful donors? As Israel approaches the celebration of its 65th birthday, let's see if we can increase our Golden Keepers by 65 this year! This may be the perfect time to step up to a $5,000 annual gift and proudly wear the David's Harp Golden pin (pictured), designed by an Israeli artist. Maybe you have a story to tell about why this would be a meaningful gift at this time in your life.

Help spread the word within our communities, our Hadassah circles, and beyond. An annual gift of $5,000 will ensure that Hadassah continues to make an IMPACT on humanity every single day.

To become a Golden Keeper of the Gate or for more information, please contact keepers@hadassah.org or 800.928-0685.

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