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A Hadassah Mitzvah: Yahrzeit Program

The telephone rang. A woman, her voice charged with emotion, wanted to establish Yahrzeits for her deceased parents and husband, as well as an Advance Yahrzeit for herself. She currently lives in Florida and does not know if her children will recite Kaddish for her and her loved ones. Her synagogue comprises an aging population and the congregation has diminished to the point where it can no longer support a rabbi to recite kaddish.

Who will say Kaddish? She is depending on Hadassah.

For over 50 years, Hadassah's Perpetual Yahrzeit program provides an opportunity for two special mitzvahs – Kaddish and Tzedaka. In recognition of a one-time, tax-deductible $1,000 donation to Hadassah, Kaddish will be recited annually for a loved one within the walls of the Abbell Synagogue, home of the world renowned Chagall Windows, at Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. Reminder notices are sent annually to donors with the Hebrew Yahrzeit date and the corresponding date on the secular calendar in sufficient time to ensure that a memory lamp will be lit the evening prior to the Yahrzeit date. The notice also provides an opportunity to donate tzedakah in keeping with our Jewish tradition.

Your unit will receive full credit for any Yahrzeit donations toward their goal for the Hadassah Medical Organization, and for any gifts made at the time of recitation each year.

To view the Yahrzeit video or establish a Yahrzeit, visit www.hadassah.org/yahrzeit.
For more information, contact 877-212-3321 or frservices@hadassah.org.

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