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Being at the forefront—bringing new life into the world

The OB/GYN floor of the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother & Child Center at Hadassah University Medical Center in Ein Kerem combines comfort and intimacy with state-of-the- art technology.

The unit is recognized worldwide for its remarkable success in in Vitro fertilization (IVF)—the result of extensive pioneering research in that field at Hadassah Medical Organization. Women who have experienced repeated disappointments trying to conceive a child are often referred to HMO by other hospitals. High-risk pregnancy is another area of expertise. The OB/GYN unit takes on highly challenging, complicated cases; their success rate is notable.

The neo-natal ICU is filled with premature babies of every ethnicity. Concerned parents watch over their newborns, sharing their hopes and fears—a true bridge to peace through medicine.

For the first time in Jerusalem: Through a complex laser procedure, guided by a sophisticated ultrasound machine, twin fetuses who shared a blood vessel were successfully separated by HMO specialists in fetal medicine. The condition can prove fatal if the shared blood vessel favors one twin over the other. By inserting a small scope fitted with a very thin laser fiber into the mother's uterus, physicians were able to burn the vessels and create a separate connection to the placenta for each fetus. The twins are developing normally.

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