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Choose Your Impact: Youth Aliyah

Providing a safe haven in Israel

Youth Aliyah villages provide a safety net of services—food, shelter, education and love—to immigrants and at-risk Israeli children from poor or abusive homes in Israel.

With guidance, nurturing, and first-rate instruction, students learn the skills they need to succeed in modern-day Israel.

Dani showed signs of emotional and physical neglect when he arrived at Hadassah Neurim Youth Aliyah village. At age 14, from a broken home, he had no interest in school and his social interactions were often violent. He had little self-awareness; he didn't know how to use cutlery and his hygiene was poor. With the skill, warmth and persistence of the Youth Aliyah staff, Dani now feels empowered; he works out in the gym and takes pride in his body. And he has begun to make friends and be part of the community. He is on track to becoming a productive and fulfilled citizen of Israel.


Understanding their Jewish heritage

Scholarships subsidize Youth Aliyah's annual mission to Poland, where 100-plus students visit the Warsaw ghetto and the Auschwitz/ Birkenau concentration camps to understand the Holocaust and its place in their Jewish heritage. Traditionally, they travel just before Passover, when Jews the world over celebrate freedom.

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While in Birkenau, one of our group leaders reminded us: "We stand here at the center of evil. But this is also a holy place. The ashes of the dead are still beneath our feet. We honor them. We remember them. And we come as witnesses. Their greatest fear was to be forgotten. We say today, here on this cemetery of our people, you are not forgotten. You stand here—100 youngsters—representing the million children who were murdered. Like you, they dreamed of the future. They didn't die in vain. Out of their ashes grew the State of Israel."

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