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Choose Your Impact: Young Judaea

Ensuring Jewish continuity and forging leadership

Young Judaea ensures Jewish continuity through a broad range of activities—from summer camps in the United States to extensive programs in Israel. Young Judaeans have the opportunity to make a lasting personal connection with Israel, discover the joy of being Jewish and find new and enduring friendships.

Pluralism and peer leadership are essential foundations of Young Judaea. Young people from every stream of Judaism gain understanding and skills that will make them the leaders of tomorrow's Jewish community.

At the end of his time in Israel, Eitan from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, wrote, "The experiences we have taken away with us from Year Course are priceless. Olami [a track of Year Course that also visits Jewish communities around the world] was my first taste of the year I was about to have. We traveled to Paris and Prague, and shared Shabbat services with the Ambassador to the Czech Republic from the United States. Ethiopia was our final destination. We got off the plane and arrived to a completely different world. We met the Jewish community and got to volunteer and play with children of every different age group. In the city of Gander I witnessed Aliyah—one of the most moving experiences of my life. The whole Olami family awoke at 4:00 am and saw a group of 50 Ethiopians leaving their families and friends for the Holy Land. There were tears in their eyes, but there were smiles on their faces, for they all knew that they were off to the land of their ancestors, their true home…Israel."


Providing life-altering experiences

Scholarships enable American youth to participate in Young Judaea's lifechanging programs. Without Hadassah's assistance, many families simply could not afford to send their children to camp, Israel, and more.

Choose Young Judaea Scholarships

Year Course participant Ittai, 19, from Lexington, KY, writes, "My work with the Sudanese and Darfurian refugees this year through Garin Tzedek left me feeling more satisfied than ever before. Believe me when I tell you that the effects of your work are long-reaching and invaluable. Hiking through the desert, one of my close friends said to me that this is and will always be 'the most amazing year of our lives.' I genuinely don't think so. I know that the most magical thing about this entire experience is not the experience itself, but its positive long-reaching effects on the rest of our lives. We can't begin to understand the effects of our work and our time here; we can't even fathom the significance of our experiences. Rather, it is the first of many amazing years that has prepared us to experience life to the fullest."

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