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Preparing young adults for lifelong careers

Hadassah Academic College (HAC) is dedicated to setting minds soaring and preparing young men and women for gratifying careers. At the same time, the College is committed to playing a vital role in sustaining Israel's economy by helping to fill the need for superbly trained, highly motivated professionals and entrepreneurs. The College opens its arms to students from all over Israel, from every walk of life. While HAC attracts the best and the brightest, it also welcomes students who never dared dream of such opportunity: immigrants, and young men and women from poor, uneducated families. In this caring community, students are nurtured and given the support they need— financial and emotional.

Yvegenya is a new immigrant from Russia, studying Biotechnology. After service in the army, she worked in the postal service to save money for school. Her mother is sick and unemployed; her father earns minimum wage. Financial aid has made it possible for her to attend Hadassah Academic College.

Noah, who made aliyah to Israel at age seven and served in the army as a paramedic, is studying Medical Laboratory Science. His family has severe financial difficulties and cannot help him with tuition. In addition to working various jobs, he receives financial aid from Hadassah Academic College.

Israel's most valuable resource is her young people. With the commitment of HAC faculty and staff, these students will graduate and lead fulfilling lives as they help ensure Israel's economic strength.

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