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Nurses Clinical Masters Program
Advanced nursing training at the Hadassah Medical Organization

Hadassah National Center for Nurses Councils launch


For more than 25 years, in partnership with our Israeli nursing colleagues, we, the members of the Hadassah Nurses Councils, have put our efforts, time and money where they belong...improving nursing education and providing quality clinical care for all our patients!

Nurses speak the same language, the language of nursing.

This is a critical time for the Clinical Masters Program due to the financial challenges that have impacted the entire Hadassah Medical Organization. We must act now to ensure that nursing education at Hadassah remains at the most advanced level.

Hadassah nursing needs us once again!

We must raise $700,000 in 2013/2014 to support this critically important program.

When it comes to nursing, Hadassah is FIRST.

  • 1913 The first monies raised by Hadassah sends two nurses—Rose Kaplan and Rachel Landy--to Palestine.
  • 1918 Hadassah opens the first school for nurses in Palestine—the Henrietta Szold Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing.
  • 1975 Hadassah offers the first Baccalaureate Nursing degrees in Israel.
  • 1990 Hadassah establishes the Hadassah National Center for Nurses Councils, the, first and still only, professional organization for Jewish/Zionist nurses.
  • 2000, Hadassah Nurses Councils raise $3.6 million--to launch the FIRST Clinical Master's Program for Nurses in Israel. To date, one hundred and twenty six students have completed the Master's program with specialties in the areas of gerontology/geriatrics, oncology, care of the acute/chronic complicated patient, and a new specialty track in women's health.

Every dollar makes an impact….Every donation makes a statement of support.

Donate Today

With a gift of $100 or more your name will be added to the Nurses First! Honor Roll

For more information contact:
Rita Lourie rlourie1@hadassah.org or Dianne Gottlieb dgottlieb@hadassah.org
Co-Chairs, Hadassah National Center for Nurses Councils

Pennie Sessler Branden psbranden@hadassah.org or Barbara Sabin bsabin@hadassah.org
Co-Chairs, Hadassah National Nurses Advisory Board


Help us raise money to keep the Nurses Clinical Masters Program going at Hadassah Medical Organization

Thank you to all of the
Honorees for the
Nurses First! Campaign

Phyllis Bismanovsky
Linda Boteach
Derryl Block
Barbara Cohen
Becky Engel
Nancy Falchuk
Nikki Feldman
Betsy Frank
Phyllis Gale
Debra Kaner Goldich
Beverly Goldsmith
Leslie Goodwin
Dianne Gottlieb
Phyllis Hoffman
Terri Jasner
Marian Kaplan
Dorthy Lasensky
Linda Levy
Rita Lourie
Carol Matoren
Helaine Ohayon
Irene Pearlman
Marlene Post
Nancy Rapoport
Judith Reishtein
Ellen Rosen
Jody Pollack Roth
Linda Samson
Esther Shapiro
Robin Shuman
Bonnie Siegal
Phyllis Simpson
Carrie Stein
Helene Storch
Nancy Wagner
Adam and Jodi Weinstein
Margaret Weinstein

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With a gift of $100 or more your name will be added to the Nurses First! Honor Roll

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