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Meet the 2013-2014 Hadassah Leadership Fellows

The Hadassah Leadership Fellows program (HLF) is engaging and empowering the next generation of Jewish women. Fresh back from their mission to Israel, the Fellows experienced firsthand Hadassah’s wide-ranging work in Israel and had access to a variety of political, business, and social group leaders as part of HLF’s emphasis on networking and collaboration. The Fellows formed vibrant, strong connections to Israel and its people, and are a bridge between the Hadassah of Henrietta Szold and its newest generation of leaders. The Mission focused on four main areas: Women’s Health and Medical Research; Venture Capital; Public Policy; and Social Justice. Follow the Fellows on twitter #HadassahFellows and see more of their mission here.

Liz Bazini
New York City, NY

Elissa Taub
Memphis, TN

Janice Baker
San Diego, CA

Elizabeth Gossage
Chicago, IL

Jessica Salo
Seattle, WA

Carolyn Amacher
St. Louis, MO

Carolyn Levy Schrier
New Rochelle, NY @schriercar


Danielle Harris-Baker
Hoboken, NJ

Alyson Roush
Seattle, WA

Beth Kotzin
Cincinnati, OH

Gabrielle Clayman
Boston, MA

Anastasia Steinberg Torres-Gil, J.D.
Santa Cruz, CA

Brianna Greenspan
Houston, TX

Joanna Lowinger
Hopkins, MN

Dr. Jodi Wittlin
Alexandria, VA

LeeAnne Galioto
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Maxine Mirowitz
St. Louis, MO

Melanie Topper
Washington, DC @mellertime

Michelle Hubertus
Short Hills, NJ

Mollie Isaacson
Brooklyn, NY

Nancy K. Marder
Merrick, NY

Rebecca A. Young
Richmond, VA

Renée Rosenheck
Atlanta, GA

Robin Rosenthal
San Diego, CA

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