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Marcie Natan's Letter to Doctor's and Nurses

Dear Friends,

At this most difficult time for HMO, I want to share with you my personal feelings and those of my HWZOA colleagues. For the past several months we have been fighting on both sides of the ocean to protect HMO and to ensure that it remains the foremost medical center in Israel. With you, we are determined to maintain the vision and high standards of our hospitals, as well as the world renowned research of which we are so proud. For our 330,000 members, HMO is the heart of Hadassah.

This reputation is made possible because of you, our dedicated and talented medical staff. We recognize, as we know you do, the need to quickly find a solution to the crisis we're facing today so that we can re-establish stability. As I have said over the past year, HWZOA cannot cover the enormous deficit which has accrued at the medical center. We’ve called on the government of Israel to accept responsibility for its ongoing discrimination against Hadassah Hospitals as compared to other public hospitals.

We have brought in an international turn-around company to improve efficiency in the hospitals. In private conversations, many of you have confided to me that you, too, believe certain operating reforms were long overdue. But we all know by now that the recovery plan itself, while necessary, isn’t sufficient to correct the hospital finances. I’m sure you’ve all seen the figures and know that you understand their significance.

All of us have been pained to read the ugly accusations against us in the media and to hear the malicious rumors which are being spread by those who would like to take advantage of HMO’s crisis. The most painful press reports are by those gloating that we are not united.

We reject and protest the attacks on our dedicated staff. We hold you in the highest esteem and we know that you appreciate our role.

While we have worked hard to provide new facilities for you and our patients, we know that the greatest value of HMO is your expertise and commitment. The HMO esprit d ‘corps is unique and unquantifiable. For many of you, we are proud to have contributed to enabling your medical education through the medical and nursing schools we have created and have supported for all these years, and by linking you with donors to support your work. We’ve maintained a long and successful partnership.

We are all fighting to protect HMO’s mission and uniqueness, owned by HWZOA, staffed by you, our outstanding physicians and nurses and standing tall as a much-loved and admired citadel of treatment, education and research. We recognize that the excellence of our hospitals rests on the dedication of every one of you — technicians and therapists, administrators and secretaries, maintenance workers and security.

In order to succeed in ending the crisis, we all need to make painful concessions. We support the tireless efforts of Avigdor Kaplan and his team, who have been working around the clock with government representatives to maximize their support. They are totally committed to resolving the financial crisis while preserving the high level of HMO excellence. Theirs is an unenviable challenge.

HWZOA has already committed additional financial support and other changes, some of them uncomfortable. I am turning to you at this critical moment in all of our lives to work with Avigdor Kaplan to achieve workable solutions as well.

This is the hour to pull together and face this crisis together.


Marcie Natan
National President

PS. You can also support the recovery effort with a gift to Hadassah Medical Organization.
Donate online at Hadassah.org/donate or call 800-928-0685.


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