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New Members of the Month

June/July 2014

Cindy Hallberlin
Greater Washington Chapter of Hadassah
Age: 57
Takoma Park, MD

Cindy, who has a law degree from Antioch University, lives in Takoma Park with her husband. She has four grown children. Cindy is President and CEO of Good360, formerly Gifts In Kind International, which is the leading nonprofit in product philanthropy. Cindy oversaw the transformation and rebranding of Good360 which distributed $350 million in products last year alone and $7 billion since its inception in 1983.

What keeps you busy? Being a mom, being a volunteer, and my profession. I am Board Chair of Move This World, a global nonprofit that uses creative expression as a vehicle to transform conflict, violence and bullying in communities and a Board Member of Dance Place, a Washington, DC based organization.

What are your Interests/hobbies? I love to dance.

Why did you become a member? I became a member of Hadassah as a way to deepen my connection to Judaism and Tikkun Olam.

One thing we should know about you: I am the daughter of 2 Holocaust survivors who escaped from Austria and Hungary.

Linda Silver
Greater Kansas City Chapter of Great Plains Region
Age: 64
Overland Park, Kansas

Linda is married to Bob Gast and has 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Linda runs a kosher catering business in the community.

What keeps you busy? Being a full-time mom, being a volunteer, profession, etc. My catering business keeps me very busy. I also spend many hours volunteering at my synagogue, Kehilath Israel, in Overland Park, KS.

What are your interests/hobbies? I love to read. I try to improve my health by working out every day at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City. I work in my yard and love watching the birds and wildlife visit our backyard.

Why did you become a member? ? I am so impressed as to what Hadassah Organization does for the growth and development of the Land of Israel. Womens' health and education is very important and through contributions and volunteerism this program benefits many. The Young Judaea Program is so important in giving children and teens the opportunity to develops skills for future leadership in the Jewish communities and continue the support for Israeli programs for youth and teens.

Lastly, while visiting Israel my husband needed medical attention and he was transported to Hadassah Hospital. The doctors, nurses and the advanced technology provided my husband with the best care and also positive information that he could share with his US doctor. Israel needs our support and Hadassah does a great job at providing the help.

One thing we should know about you: I took up painting a few years ago and I have done many art pieces for family and friends.

Anita Eichler
Simcha Chapter of Greater Miami Region
Age: 69
Aventura, Florida

Anita has two grown children – a son and a daughter who is a Rabbi. She is the proud grandmother of five grandchildren.

What keeps you busy? I play tennis 4-5 times a week and love to spend time with friends and family, especially the grandchildren. I also volunteer for the Senior Medicare Patrol which provides outreach to seniors to help them recognize, report, and prevent Medicare fraud and abuse.

What are your Interests/hobbies? ? I enjoy taking adult education courses at the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center and at Melton, and love traveling, reading, baking and occasionally, knitting.

Why did you become a member? We are new full-time Aventura residents and I am looking to join and participate in Jewish communities, especially those that do good and valuable work.

One thing we should know about you: : I have a Master’s in Public Health and spent close to 30 years working for the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, mostly on issues related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The highlight of my career was being Director of a $2 billion grant program that awards funds to cities and states to provide health and support services including necessary medications, to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured individuals with HIV/AIDS.

Carol Alper
To Life at Valencia Reserve of Florida Atlantic Region
Age: 63
Boynton Beach, Florida

Carol has been married for 39 years. She has a son and daughter and 2 grandchildren.

What keeps you busy? (being a full-time mom, being a volunteer, profession, etc.) I am an RN and continue my professional growth by attending conferences. I volunteer in my community as a pod captain.

What are your interests/hobbies? I was impressed by the congeniality of the chapter. The board members are welcoming and encourage new members to participate in programs and committees

One thing we should know about you: I am persistent—no retreat, no surrender.

Every month, new members are selected from among our highest performing chapters across the country.
Meet some of our diverse new members and send them your welcome!

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