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Letter from Executive Director Janice Weinman

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Dear Delegates, Associates and Guests,

Our Convention in Las Vegas this July should be a momentous event. Balancing serious deliberations about the future of the organization with new and exciting panels, workshops and plenaries will be both illuminating and innovative both in format and presentation.

At the same time, the Convention will cover topics ranging from the practical to the ideological with many levels of content in between.

And, the convention will provide opportunities for fun and celebration as we enjoy entertainment, the launching of new campaigns, and one another's company.

Thank you for joining us. We are very much looking forward to connecting with you.

With warm wishes,
Janice Weinman
Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer

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the Possibilities

the Passion

the Spark


We bet you won't want to miss a single moment!

Roselle Ungar and Marcia Gabrilove Ladin
Convention 2014 co-chairs


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