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Update After Court Hearings

  • HWZOA has workeddiligently to advance negotiations with the Government of Israel to address the root causes of the current crisis—HMObeing under-reimbursed for services, and discriminated against in order to benefit the Health Funds supported by the GOI – so that HMO can be put on the road to a sustainable recovery.
  • On April 13,Jerusalem District Court Justice David Mintz ordered the state to hold intensive negotiations with the other sides involving the financial collapse of the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) to reach an agreement. Mintz said the functioning and existence of the hospitals are “a matter of life and death” – thus justifying working through the festival. He expressed his lack of patience with the state for its “treatment” of HWZOA and HMO and said the sides must negotiate sincerely and bring an end to the crisis.
  • On April 24, another court hearing took place in which all parties voiced their issues and progress. The judge ordered the trustees to put together a document by Wednesday, April 30 summarizing the points of contention and agreement between the parties. In practice, the judge gave the parties until May 8, at which time the trustees are to report on whether the talks have been a success or a failure. At that point, the trustees will be allowed to present the document or any other proposal as the basis for resolving the hospital’s plight.
  • Judge Mintz gave the hospital’s administration permission to pay employees their April salaries without deducting pay for strike days or for nine days in February.The doctors demonstrated this week in front of the Finance Minister’s home for relief of the situation.
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