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"Operation Protective Edge" Update, July 29, 2014

Operation Protective Edge Update
July 29, 2014

  • Hadassah National President Marcie Natan and a group including other leaders and Associates flew to Israel on July 27 for a brief, but intense, tour of specific areas in Israel affected by Operation Protective Edge. They have visited the following places so far:
    • Meir Shfeyah Youth Village, hosting over 25 families from the south, moving from the intensity of the Hamas bombing to the serenity of the north, met and thanked the group sincerely for their respite. Unfortunately, shortly after the group left, a bomb did break up the peacefulness of the morning outside the village.
    • At the Be’er Sheva underground municipal emergency center with the deputy mayors, the group was briefed on the past and current situation, as they viewed security monitors. 144 rockets have fallen in Be’er Sheva in recent weeks.
    • The group planted the first trees in memory of the fallen soldiers of Operation Protective Edge in the Hadassah grove at the KKL/JNF Be’er Sheva River Park. Hadassah has committed to plant a tree in memory of each fallen soldier during this current crisis.
    • Next the group traveled to inspect a destroyed home in the Nachal Beka neighborhood of Be’er Sheva. Marcie shared, "We know we can't show our solidarity from a distance and want to be here with the people of Israel."
    • The group then met with mothers from the Be’er Sheva area whose sons are in the army. One response was, “I live on my phone, checking for news and telephone calls, to be sure all is well”, while another mom indicated that she only waits for calls, because keeping up with the fighting is much too intense.
    • The group will visit Sderot and Jerusalem on Wednesday, July 30.
    • Also, on July 30, the Hadassah Solidarity Mission will wind up its trip at Hadassah Ein Kerem visiting the wounded soldiers.
  • Twenty-five wounded soldiers have been treated at Hadassah Ein Kerem. Seven soldiers remain hospitalized in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower there: five in the orthopedic department, one in surgery and one in plastic surgery.
  • 1,500 Young Judaea summer program participants are standing by—and staying in— Israel, though adjustments have been made to their itineraries to ensure that they are out of harm’s way. The students are participating in Machon and Nitzachon for teens, and Taglit-Birthright Israel and Amirim for young adults.
  • On July 21, amidst the news of the deteriorating situation in Israel surrounding the war with Hamas, 228 people from all over North America, almost half of them children, met at JFK Airport in NY to begin their first step of Aliyah to Israel. In fulfillment of their dream to live in the Jewish homeland, these families bid goodbye to their loved ones to fly “home.”
  • Esther Marcus, a veteran olah from England, who lives across the open tunnels dug by Hamas in Kibbutz Alumim, two kilometers from Gaza, wrote The Color Red: Healing Rocket Trauma, an inspiring children’s storybook that became a bestseller in Israel.
  • Americans are becoming increasingly alarmed at the anti-Semitism in Europe as it rears its ugly head. The discussion is focused on increasing awareness and calling for support from the U.S. Government to confront the issue during ongoing meetings with France, Germany, the U.K., Italy, Turkey and other countries experiencing anti-Semitism.

All of us at Hadassah share a profound love—and deep concern—for Israel.

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