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Marcie Natan, letter about the Hadassah Delegation to Israel

The following is a letter that Hadassah National President Marcie Natan sent to Hadassah members, supporters and associates:

Dear Friends,

Zionism and love for Israel are always in my heart, but never more so than in recent days. I have just arrived home from Israel with a Hadassah delegation. It was an intense, and emotional, 2½ days.

I was privileged to visit some of the wounded soldiers at Hadassah Hospital. I also toured the unfinished operating rooms at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. Seeing the soldiers brought the message home: it is urgent that we finish equipping the first 13 ORs.

Watch a brief video below with the wonderful doctors and soldiers at HMO.

We need your help today.
We need to complete our operating rooms now.

Here are just a few examples of what your gift can buy:

$6,000 – Stainless steel instrument table
$3,300 – Operating Room stretcher
$2,500 – Monitor
$1,000 – Operating Room nurses cart
$500 – Oxygen flow meter for Surgical Intensive Care Unit
$150 – Portable IV poles

Read more about our whirlwind visit; see photos of us with children and soliders in Sderot, and the new President of Israel, Reuven “Ruby” Rivlin; and get the latest updates from Israel on our website at Hadassah’s Operation Protective Edge Alert Page.


Marcie E. Natan
Hadassah National President

We are counting on you. Let’s get the job done.
We can do it with your generous support.

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