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August 11, 2014

August 6, 2014

  • Officer Ariel Twitto was on his way home from accompanying a prisoner to court when he and fellow officer Elad Biton saw a bulldozer driver turning over a city bus. Twitto shot at the terrorist twice but the driver made a sharp turn and shook him off. Twitto was taken to Hadassah Mount Scopus where he was examined and Hadassah orthopedists pronounced him well enough to leave
  • An IDF soldier was recovering after having been shot twice at close range by a terrorist near the underpass to Mount Scopus. In the intensive care unit, the parents, sister and friends of Chen Schwartz, 19, were visiting. "The care here is so wonderful," said his mom, Miri Schwartz. "The staff is wonderful and embracing. Please pass on my thanks to the Hadassah women and supporters abroad who have created this wonderful hospital. We have no illusions: Without them, our son would have died. He's a strong boy, and with God's help and Hadassah's, he's going to make it."
  • A third terrorist attack occurred in the area of northern Jerusalem. In nearby Maale Adumim, 63-year-old Yair Avraham, a municipal guard, was stabbed. With multiple wounds in the abdomen, down and bleeding, Avraham was rushed to Hadassah's hospital in Mount Scopus.
  • Across town at Hadassah Ein Kerem, five wounded soldiers continue to receive care for their wounds and infections. One remains in serious condition in the ICU, and the others are in orthopedics and internal medicine

August 3, 2014

  • Today a soldier arrived in the Swartz Emergency Center with a bullet still implanted. Another patient came from a different medical center to begin the rehabilitation process at Hadassah's hospital in Mount Scopus.
  • Eight soldiers from the fighting Operation Protective Edge are in the hospital today.
  • "There are many us from Hadassah inside the fighting force," and It strengthens us and moves us to know that the women of HWZOA are behind us and understand the righteousness of our cause," said Dr. Yuval Meroz, a Hadassah anesthesiologist who has been treating patients in the field.
  • An Israel Defense Forces soldier was shot outside of our hospital in Mount Scopus in the second terror attack inside Jerusalem. The soldier was shot by a man who then got on a motorcycle or scooter and then drove off. Police are conducting a manhunt assisted by helicopters.
  • August 1, 2014

    • There are still four soldiers of the soldiers treated at Hadassah Medical Organization remaining in our care. Three are in the orthopedics department. One is happily well enough to be able to visit his home for Shabbat.
    • A fourth soldier, who was transferred by helicopter last night from another hospital is in serious condition in the intensive care unit. Our prayers for a refuyah shleimah, a complete healing for them all.

    July 31, 2014

    • A severely injured soldier was transported this evening from Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon to Hadassah Medical Organization

    As of July 29, 2014

    • HMO Doctors, nurses and their families have all been part of the call-up of 40,000 reserve officers and soldiers to assist in Operation Protective Edge.
    • 3 rockets were fired at Negev city which contains Israel's nuclear reactor; 2 fall in open areas, one was intercepted; earlier, Iron Dome intercepted rocket over greater Tel Aviv area, and Ashkelon while rockets landed in open areas south of Haifa.
    • So far the rocket fire has not been that destructive, and fortunately homes that were hit had no residents at home.
    • The Jerusalem Light Rail system was recently disrupted by fire and vandals.
    • President Shimon Peres has stated that an escalation in the ground attack could happen very shortly.
    • PM Netanyahu has said he does not feel this is an operation that will be over quickly.
    • Everyone in Israel is doing their best to carry on their lives, from moving weddings indoors, to planning summer trips up north.
    • Over the past few weeks, over 300 rockets have been fired at Israel, and therefore the Israeli government has ordered the commencement of “Operation Protective Edge'.
    • The terrorist organization Hamas has been under enormous pressure taking into account that they haven’t gained anything from the kidnapping and murder of the three abducted Israeli teenagers.
    • Hamas has chosen to escalate this situation, and are currently using the people of the Gaza Strip as a shield for terrorist activities during this time of the Ramadan. This is the reality the Hamas wishes for its people.
    • We are currently seeing an increase in violence, therefore the level of operational alert has increased. The Israeli army has called up 1,500 reserves soldiers and officers and in the upcoming days more will be called. As of this moment, we know that this will not be a short operation; Hamas militants have over 10,000 rockets targeting cities as far as Tel Aviv and beyond.
    • In spite of these actions, The IDF does everything possible to minimize civilian causalities. Such tactics involve: 1) phone calls to all homes that are being used forcibly as centers for terrorist activities that are going to be bombed; 2) pin point precision rockets; and 3) the 'knock on the roof' tactic- where Israel deploys a 'scare' bomb which only makes noise in order to make civilians leave the targeted area.
    • In combined efforts of both aerial and naval forces, the IDF targeted approximately 50 terror sites and targets across the Gaza Strip, commencing ‘Operation Protective Edge' – aimed to regain stability to the residents of Southern Israel, eliminate Hamas' capabilities and destroy the terror infrastructure operating against the State of Israel and its civilians. The IDF also targeted concealed rocket launchers, launching infrastructures, training bases, terror tunnels' shafts and further targets.
    • Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, IDF Spokesman said, "In the past weeks, residents of southern Israel were forced into an unbearable reality – a situation they haven't encountered in these scales since November 2012. In light of these circumstances, the IDF commenced operation 'Protective Edge'. We are determined to lay a significant blow on Hamas' terror capabilities and infrastructure, eliminate any threat on Israeli sovereignty emanating from the Gaza Strip and restore stability to the southern region."
    • Beer Sheva and all the cities within 40km from the Gaza Strip are under instructions from the Home Front Command to be close at all moments to a shelter. No studies, work or gatherings will be taking place currently.
    • Hadassah’s priorities at this moment are providing unparalleled medical care for those in need, as well as protecting Hadassah Medical Organization staff and patients, Youth Aliyah children and their families, and Young Judaea staff and students. Our two Youth Aliyah Villages have reached out and offered home hospitality to all of the districts in the south. We will do whatever we can to bring a sense of calm to our family in Israel.
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