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Advocacy at Convention

Advocacy played a major role at Hadassah's 97th National Convention, July 21-23, in Las Vegas. Hadassah approved a slate of policy statements and presented a new domestic advocacy agenda to educate, engage, and empower Hadassah members and communities.

Hadassah's policy statements provide the framework for all Hadassah Advocacy, at the local and national level, and must be voted on and approved by the Hadassah National Board and Delegates to National Business Meetings. At the 2014 Convention, Hadassah passed eight new policy statements on a wide range of issues important to women and the Jewish community.

Hadassah's new Zionist Affairs policy statements address four of the most pressing issues facing world Jewry: Delegitimization of Israel, United Nations Reform, Combating Anti-Semitism, and Unwavering Support for Israel.

Delegates also took action during the Convention by sending messages to the White House in support of Israel, the demilitarization of Gaza, and ending the FAA ban on flights to Israel. Join us in taking action! Click these links to send updated letters to Congress and the White House in support of Israel at this time of crisis.

Hadassah has had many advocacy successes in the past, such as expanding stem cell research and the passage of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Drawing on Hadassah's expertise in health research, women's rights advocacy, and grassroots mobilization, our new domestic advocacy agenda provides a multitude of opportunities for the Hadassah community to bring about substantive policy change.

Under the umbrella of "Women, Health & Family," Hadassah will be pursing new and exciting initiatives on the issues of gender disparity in medical research, women's preventive health, affordable child care, and human trafficking. Hadassah is a founder of the Gender Equity in Medical Research (GEM) Initiative, a new group of organizations working to ensure that medical research benefits everyone. Hadassah's Advocacy Center includes downloadable fact sheets, a Gender Disparity in Health Research media kit, and draft letters to elected officials on many issues – all of which can be sent directly through our online system.

In addition to approving American Affairs policy statements on Women's Preventive Health, Combatting Human Trafficking, and an affordable child care amendment to Women's Economic Equity and Security, Hadassah also passed an updated policy statement on Reproductive Choice. The Gender Equity in Medical Research Initiative is supported by Hadassah's Medical Research and Support and Funding for Women's Health Research policy statements, which were reaffirmed in 2013.

Click the links above to view the 2014 Hadassah Policy Statements, or review the compendium of statements at www.hadassah.org/policystatements. Visit www.hadassah.org/advocate to learn more about Hadassah's latest advocacy priorities.

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