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Celebrate The Ta Tas

Celebrate The Ta Tas!

A Hadassah Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Celebrate today so that our daughters
will not have to worry tomorrow

The members of Hadassah Southern Seaboard's Charlotte, North Carolina, Chapter made a splash in 2012 when they dreamed up a creative way to raise money for breast cancer research at Hadassah Medical Center—and at the same time empower themselves.

The women—approximately 100 cancer survivors, loved ones of survivors or caring community members—participated in the two-part "Celebrate the Ta Tas" event. The first part, in October 2012, involved having artists paint vivid scenes on the women's breasts, scenes contributed by the women themselves. Then photographers, all women, snapped pix of their painted "ta tas"—from chin down and navel up—so that the images could be displayed at a fundraiser held in November 2012 at the Butter nightclub in Charlotte. The artworks were auctioned off and a record amount of money was raised.

The story behind the event is the story of Hadassah: passion paired with pragmatism. Charlotte-area member Talia Goldman was looking for a new way to raise awareness about breast cancer. "My mother is a four-time cancer survivor, my best friend as well, along with many other women I adore," Goldman says. She had learned about a variation of the program from a friend and presented the idea to Hadas Kasher, Charlotte Chapter president.

"It was a unique way to express our concern for those affected with breast cancer and to honor women through inspiring works of art," explains Kasher.

Goldman and Kasher started small, hoping to find 10 women willing to participate. The end result was overwhelming: The chapter was able to raise 10 percent of its annual goal at this single event.

Florida Central is following in Charlotte's footsteps, with a resoundingly successful event held in October 2013 by the Lylah-Pinellas Chapter, in a similar vein. They plan to outdo themselves with their second Celebrate the Ta Tas this October 2014. And Florida Atlantic is continuing the momentum as they plan for their first Celebrate the Ta Tas event this October as well.

The Charlotte and Lylah-Pinellas Chapters have partnered together to create a "program in the box" to help other chapters interested in creating similar initiatives.

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