Dear Friends,

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the construction site for the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower and are delighted to share the remarkable progress and quality of workmanship.

As we stood on the bridge overlooking this magnificent excavation we could see to the bottom of the site - six floors below. It was so far down that huge earth-moving equipment looked like tiny toy trucks. It was easy to see the heavy-duty reinforcements and the strength of the concrete construction. Standing there, we closed our eyes and visualized the 2012 dedication of Hadassah’s magnificent new Tower, which will deliver state-of-the-art medicine for decades to come. For all of us who dreamt the dream, we’re now beginning to see the dream become reality.

Our mothers and grandmothers helped build the State of Israel and started Hadassah. Now it is our generation's, our children’s and grandchildren’s responsibility to fulfill this dream. We are confident that when we stand together on the bridge in 2012 and behold our glorious accomplishment, we will be overwhelmed with pride.

For nearly 100 years Hadassah has set the standard for healthcare in the Middle East. Today, the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower is the largest building project in Israel. Tomorrow it will touch countless lives with the precious gifts of health and hope.

We're not waiting for the future. We're building it. And we're doing it together!

Judy and Sidney Swartz,
Campaign Chairs