Construction of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower is going on around the clock, six days a week. In December 2010, the skeleton of the building was completed, three months ahead of schedule. Currently, approximately, 40 percent of the stone work and 60 percent of the work on the aluminum on the outside of the building has been completed.

On Lower Level 4, plaster walls are being installed in the area that does not include the operating theaters. An international company has been selected to supply the state-of-the-art prefabricated operating rooms.

On the Entrance Level, work continues on the stone work and gardens.

On Level 5, the installation of the ceramic tiling in the washrooms is almost completed and painting is underway.

On Level 6, sealing of the washroom areas has been completed, and plaster walls are being installed.

The roof of the bridge that connects the Tower to the Parking Garage has been installed.

In consultation with a leading landscaping architectural firm in Israel, development work for landscaping the areas surrounding the Tower has begun, including the construction of the road that will lead to the Tower's Entrance Plaza of the Tower and Lower Level 2 (the loading dock area).

The Green Tower

The Tower is being built in an environmentally responsible manner. Prior to the start of construction, the olive and carob trees that surrounded the building site were relocated. To protect the environment, the Tower's heating and cooling will be supplied by radiant beams, a technology that supports significant energy savings. The Tower also will use diesel fuel. Finally, the building incorporates natural materials and natural lighting in the Atrium to reduce energy consumption.