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Message from the President

Lynn Furness, new President of Central States Region of HadassahDear Friends,

Thank you for visiting the Hadassah Central States Region homepage. I am the newly installed region president. I’m here today because of a gift that keeps on giving. How did our Dad know I would find such meaning in Hadassah when he honored our mother and her Hadassah commitment by gifting their children with life memberships and associate enrollment when she passed away in 1997? Maybe Father does know best because here I am deeply humbled and honored to be your next Region President.

Thus, in true Hadassah tradition, we’re looking to the past and looking to the future in the same moment. Hadassah was a constant presence when we were growing up as it probably was for many of you. Looking to the future, we’ve enrolled our grandsons Sam and Jay as Child Life Associates in honor of my region presidency. This gift makes our entire family a Hadassah family in the tradition of l’dor va dor.

You know the future requires our continued commitment to Hadassah Medical Organization and the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower at Ein Kerem. You are aware of the importance of annual giving to help Hadassah better plan for its projects and programs in the US and Israel. There will be new programs starting in 2015 with a rebranded new look.

Rather than repeat what you’ve heard and will hear many times about the Hadassah programs and projects, I’d like to tell you some things you might want to know about me: I am direct, curious and enthusiastic. Sometimes my enthusiasms generate a very loud voice so you can tell me to talk softer. I’m also usually efficient and always detail oriented. I’m welcoming, caring and passionate --- about family, friends and Hadassah.

Right now I’m most excited about our future together. I’m hoping to visit many of the chapters and help each one in ways that are beneficial to it since no two chapters are alike!

Hadassah’s founder Henrietta Szold wisely said “Make mine eyes look to the future”. Her words and her leadership examples have always resonated with me. Please join me to follow in Henrietta’s footsteps and make our future in the US and Israel better. Together let’s find new ways to attract and engage members and associates, excite them with quality and innovative programming and expand Hadassah’s presence in each of our communities.

Go to Israel if, and as often as you can, and be inspired by Hadassah’s work there and your Hadassah work at home will have even more meaning. In the US, we will continue to support national advocacy efforts and move forward on local cause driven social action agendas.

I am as confident as Henrietta was that all of this, and more, is possible. I will try to be worthy of Henrietta and your confidence and trust in selecting me to serve as your next Region President.

Todah rabah and thank you.

Lynn Furness
Central States Region of Hadassah


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