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National Development Training

Here is a GREAT training offer from the Hadassah national office for each chapter across our Region:  The National Leadership Trainers will come to you! For 2011, we are offering the opportunity to have professional fundraisers (volunteers and staff) work with you in the following areas:

Strategic Annual Planning
Team Building
Identifying Prospects
Making the Ask
Moves Management

If you can guarantee at least 20 participants who will each be willing to identify at least one person to cultivate, ask for a donation and steward toward continued giving, we will pay for our trainers to come to you. All 20 participants would need to be committed to attend a minimum of three hours of training.

Contact: Eddyse Kessler, Dev. Div. Training Chair at ekessler@hadassah.org or
Jamie Black, Dev. Div. Training Director at jblack@hadassah.org

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