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Hadassah Project Info

Top Ten Facts about Youth Aliyah


1. Hadassah supports three Youth Villages in Israel:
    • Ramat Hadassah Szold, with 250 students, is in the city of Tivon, a suburb of Haifa.
    • Meir Shefeyah, with 600 students, is next to the city of Zichron Ya’akov.
    • Hadassah Neurim, with 350 students, is just North of Netanya on the Tel Aviv-Haifa Highway.

2. We are partners with the Jewish Agency for Israel in support of the budget of Hadassah Neurim. We also support special projects at all three villages.


3. Ramat Hadassah Szold has an extraordinary zoological program plus therapeutic horseback riding, the Pet Project, and a girl-empowering Jewish studies program called Eishet Hayil-Joy for Judaism. Students can graduate with a certificate in animal husbandry which starts them on their way to success. The Charlotte Jacobson High School has now graduated three classes with increasing triumph.

4. Meir Shfeyah is the only village whose land Hadassah owns, as a result of a land grant from the Baron Edmund Rothschild to Henrietta Szold in 1923. It was fully-supported by Junior Hadassah from 1925-1958. As an agricultural village, it is known for its dairy and milk production plus its fabulous grapes which have resulted in a teaching winery. It is also noted for its amazing wine; ­­­planted, harvested, picked, aged and bottled at the village (but you have to go to Israel to buy it)! Their farm, superior educational program and the new June Walker Science Center are among the highlights of this special village. The Bonnie Lipton Music Center and the Deborah Kaplan Swimming Pool/Health Center are more avenues of achievement for the students.

5. Hadassah Neurim houses the Marlene Post Athletic Center which has produced two youngsters who are now training for the 2012 Olympics while they are on leave weekends from the army. The auto mechanics program, the beauty and cosmetics school and the Body/Health Trainer certificates send our graduates off to the world with practical skills and new self-esteem.

6. Four years ago, none of our students even attempted to pass the state achievement tests (Bagrut exams). Today between 35% and 90% of our students are talking and passing these tests (percentages vary depending on the village). This achievement allows them easier access to the IDF and future job opportunities.

7. Our student body is made up of one third Ethiopians, one third Russians and one third Israeli Children at Risk. All of the villages can service many more students and active recruiting is an ongoing agenda.

8. There are children from Eritrea and Darfur living at Meir Shfeyah, who have been rescued from Israeli prisons and are without families, after walking from Egypt.

9. Our youngsters are learning that they have the right to dream about a happy future, but even more so to develop the tools to make their dreams come true.

10. We do more than save young lives—we are enriching them, and creating opportunities every day with the consecrated work we are doing for the 350,000 Children at Risk in Israel.


18 reasons why you should be proud of Hadassah College Jerusalem (HCJ)


  1. HCJ’s curriculum is designed to meet Israel’s demand for skilled professionals in order to enhance the growth of the country’s economy.


  1. Founded in 1970, HCJ offers academic degrees in various fields of study, including biotechnology, computer and information science, environmental health sciences, universal industrial design, optometry and communications disorders, among others.


  1. Recently, HCJ has been rated the #1 college in Israel in quality of instruction and student satisfaction, according to the Consumer Reports of Higher Education in Israel.


  1. HCJ is the only college located in the historic heart of Jerusalem.


  1. Over 2,200 students are enrolled in HCJ.


  1. HCJ is a model of student-centered education helping students overcome educational obstacles and succeed in their chosen professions with tailor-made programs assist challenged students.


  1. Retraining programs and career development courses are offered at the Tachlit Center for Continuing Education.


  1. Women make up 64% of HCJ’s enrollment.


  1. Almost 100% of HCJ graduates are immediately employed or accepted into graduate programs.


  1. Many HCJ graduates continue their studies in prestigious graduate schools such as the Weizmann Institute, Hebrew University and the Technion.


  1. Major businesses and institutions throughout Israel employ HCJ graduates because of their excellent instruction and preparation.


  1. HCJ continues to build partnerships with major US universities including Drexel University, Columbia University, University of South Florida, and New York-Presbyterian Hospital.


  1. HCJ was the first college to receive an award from the City of Jerusalem honoring contributions made by students to the welfare of the city.


  1. Civic responsibility is a core value of the HCJ curriculum, and because of this students are involved in programs that provide community services related to their respective fields of study.


  1. HCJ’s fields of study provide pace-setting, state-of the art, professional career education that makes Israel a leader in the global economy.


  1. Student skills develop not just from textbooks, but also from intensive, hands-on work with faculty, scientists, engineers and business leaders.


  1. Through imagination and innovation, the dedicated faculty and staff, under the guidance of Professor Nava Ben-Zvi, President, have developed targeted programs that reach individuals from every corner of Israel and every economic and cultural background. 


  1. All HCJ students are encouraged to take courses in environment issues.  In March 2010 the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection awarded its green campus certification to the College.



Young Judaea facts


Young Judaea, the American Zionist youth movement, is based on five pillars that sustain and inspire the movement: Zionism, Jewish identity, social action, pluralism and peer leadership.  Young Judaea is a movement and a community. All Young Judaea’s activities reflect this philosophy.


1. Young Judaea inculcates Jewish pride and strengthens Jewish identity through its experiential programs. Its members learn that to be a Jew and a lover of Israel is a proud and wonderful thing. Young Judaea has had 100 years of experience in Jewish and Zionist education.


2. Young Judaeans effect change in society through social action. Tikkum olam, repairing the world is vital to Young Judaea’s agenda. Young Judaea teaches the value of volunteerism with hands on activities in America and Israel. Young Judaea teaches how diaspora Jewry can contribute to Israel.


3. Young Judaea models openness and respect for others through tolerance. Secular and orthodox can meet, find common ground, respect tradition and be friends.


4. Young Judaea camps provide a 24/7 experience of Jewish life so that Jewish values, Judaism and Zionism become second nature to the campers.


5.  Young Judaea prepares the next generation to be role models for the future by empowering its members to trust their ideas and to think creatively.

Members learn leadership and communications skills.


6.   Young Judaea covers the range of ages from 7 – 35: junior camp, Tel Yehudah, summer in Israel, Year Course in Israel, WUJS Israel Hadassah and Amirim.

Mercaz Hamagshimim is a home away from home for new and potential olim where participants can explore Israeli culture and daily living.


7.  Young Judaea’s Summer in Israel programs reach out to veterans of the movement as well as unaffiliated Jewish youngsters, building a powerful connection to Israel as youngsters experience Israel with their own eyes, ears, feet and souls.


8.  Young Judaea’s Year Course, its gap year program, has academics, touring, volunteer activity and nine months in Israel of fun and friendships. It is housed in Beit Ar-El, a fabulous oasis in the trendy Jerusalem neighborhood of Baka.  


9. Young Judaea’s Taglit-birthright Israel 10 day trips add the flavor of Hadassah and Young Judaea to the standard birthright curriculum and encourage more birthright participants to “Get back to Israel.”


10. Young Judaea makes a concerted effort to make the aliyah process and acclimatization to Israel smooth. The Mercaz serves as a community center. Young Judaea’s Amirim program allows a ‘trial period’ for those considering aliyah.






Medical Innovations


1964 – First Double Bypass Surgery in Israel


1977 – First successful bone marrow transplant in Israel


1983 – First “Test tube” baby in Israel


1986 – First successful heart transplant in Israel


1991 – First successful liver transplant in Israel


1991 – First trauma unit in Israel


1992 – First successful lung transplant in Israel


2004 – First computer-guided hip replacement in the world


2007 – First successful freezing of ovaries before chemotherapy treatment


2008 – First successful pregnancy using ova genetically tested prior to implantation.


2008 - First robot conducted surgeries in Israel 


2008 - First in the world Kidney transplant in a Familial Dysautonomia patient


2009 - First implant of BRCA-free embryos in a mother who carries the gene


2009 - New Breathing Machine to detect Liver Diseases



Expansion and Construction:


1949 – Hebrew University School of Medicine and Hadassah Mt. Scopus open


1953 – School of Dentistry opens


1961 – Inauguration of Hadassah Ein Kerem


1970 – Hadassah introduces first computerized patient and testing management system in Israel


1975 – Hadassah inaugurates nursing degree program


1976 – Hadassah Mt. Scopus renovated and opens progressive rehabilitation center


1976 – Hadassah Ein Kerem opens Oncology Institute


1986 – Hadassah Mt. Scopus opens the Ina and Jack Kay Hospice


1986 – Hadassah Mt. Scopus opens the first ambulatory surgery center in Israel.


1987 – Hadassah Mt. Scopus opens emergency unit for premature babies


1992 – Hadassah Ein Kerem opens the first Trauma Treatment Center in Israel, to date unique to the Jerusalem area


1997 – Hadassah Ein Kerem inaugurates the “Mother and Child Center”, a progressive center dedicated to issues relating to mothers and children


2001 – Hadassah opens accredited nursing school


2004 – Hadassah Ein Kerem inaugurates the Judy and Sidney Swartz Emergency Medical Center


2007 – Hadassah Mt. Scopus inaugurates the Elie Douer and Family Center for Pediatric Genetic and Chronic Diseases


2007 – Hadassah Ein Kerem breaks ground for the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Inpatient Tower.



Research Progress:  New Studies and Breakthroughs


1999 – Development of Proteins for use in treating wounds and tissue reconstruction


2002 – Development of influenza vaccines


2003 – Development of antibodies to complement skin cancer treatment


2003 – Development of fracture treatment and bone building using stem cells


2004 – Development of treatments for diseases of the nervous system using embryonic stem cells


2005 – Genetic treatments for cancer, anemia and genetic diseases


2006 – Development of methods of diagnosing precursors of cancerous growths


2006 – Treatments using umbilical cord blood cells


2007 – Development of immunization for Crohn’s Disease


2008 – Development of proteins used in the treatment of stroke damage


2008 – Development of technology to improve the quality of MRI imaging. 


2009 - Discover Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease


2009 - Breakthrough in using embryonic stem cells to treat Macular Degeneration 




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