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Spring Forum 2011

The theme of this year's Central States Region Spring Forum, held April 9-10, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio, was gardening: "Planting the Seeds for our Future Together". Teri Junker was installed as new Region President, and Carol Ann Schwartz was honored for her exemplary service as president for the past three years.

The National Conference Advisor for our Region Conference was Carol Rosenthal, National Marketing Chair of Member & Community Development and Past Region President Upper Midwest Region. Some of the other featured speakers were Joyce Garver Keller, Dr. Lenny Horowitz, Jackie Jacobs, Gail Cohen, Renee Resnick, Helena Schlam, Judy Saxe and Susan Wilkof.

The Forum began on Saturday afternoon at 5 pm, as Carol Ann Schwartz, Region President, addressed the group and gave the State of the Region report.  There was a reception of wine and other drinks and appetizers in the hotel lobby, and at 6 pm, Gail Cohen and Judy Saxe, past region presidents, spoke about ways to involve past and seasoned leadership.  After dinner, we held a Havdalah ceremony that was a tribute to the late singer, Debbie Friedman.  Carol Rosenthal spoke about "taking care of our gardens" by reconnecting with our membership. 

At the Central States Region Board Meeting at 9 p.m., Carol Ann Schwartz, President, called the meeting to order.  Teri Junker, Region Executive Vice-President, and Merry Lynne Lincove, Region Leadership Team Chair, spoke about Breeze Training over the internet on "Monday Nights with Hadassah".  Liz Morley, Region Team Captain, gave a moving presentation about her participation in the "Komen Race for the Cure" in Jerusalem.  Andrea Anes, Camp Young Judaea Midwest Chair, spoke about how Young Judaea will be separating from Hadassah in the near future.  Merry Lynne Lincove and Maxine Solvay, Co-Chairs for the National Centennial Convention spoke about the next convention in October, 2012.  A new opportunity to participate in the Centennial Path at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower was announced.  Susan Wilkof read the nominations for the new slate of Region Officers.

On Sunday morning, Chapter Presidents and Chapter Treasurers had separate breakfast meetings, followed by a program on the need for social media by Carol Rosenthal and Gayna Bassin. Next, Carol Rosenthal spoke on "Connecting to our Membership", and   Susan Wilkof spoke about "Remembering Our Past".  Michelle Elisburg gave her report on the Young Leaders Mission, and there were two concurrent sessions offering two different programs.  First, participants had a choice of "Nourishing My Soul" with Dr. Lenny Horowitz and Helena Shlam, about Hadassah Hospital or "Planting Bigger Blooms" about developing new donors.  The next session featured "Outreaching" to new coalitions and corporate collaborations or "Planting Your New Garden", about hands-on membership ideas.  Finally, the new officers were installed and honored at the Installation Luncheon, and guest speaker Joyce Garver Keller spoke about "Advocacy in Action".

Photography by Gayna Bassin and Carol Ann Schwartz.

"Planting the Seeds, Tending to Our Garden" with Judy Saxe
and Gail Cohen, Past Region Presidents.
The Havdalah ceremony at the end of Shabbat was dedicated
to the memory of singer Debbie Friedman.
 Merry Lynne Lincove and Michelle Elisburg chaired the Havdalah ceremony.
Merry Lynne Lincove (center) and Michelle Elisburg chaired the
Havdalah ceremony.
 Everyone sang from handouts during the Havdalah service.
Everyone sang some of Debbie Freidman's songs from handouts
at the Havdalah service.
 Merry Lynne Lincove and Carol Ann Schwartz, Central States Region president.
Merry Lynne Lincove and Carol Ann Schwartz, Central States
Region president.
Susie Blair and Emily Hindin.
After dinner, Tobe Snow enjoyed cookies for dessert.
Sandi Simms and Tobe Snow.
Carol Rosenthal, our National Conference Advisor, spoke about
ways we can reconnect with our membership.
Carol Ann Schwartz on right.
Teri Junker, incoming new Region President, and Merry Lynne
Lincove, spoke about Breeze Training over the internet.
Liz Morley spoke about her experiences participating in the Susan
Komen Race for the Cure in Jerusalem in October, 2010.
Carol Ann thanked Susie Blair for her excellent job making the hotel arrangements.
Carol Ann also gave a gift to Liz Morley in honor of her
being Awarded as one of the Largest U.S. Non-Profit
Teams at the Hadassah - Susan G. Komen "Race for the
Cure" Around Jerusalem. 
The gift, a painted brick, was made by a Cincinnati artist for the
Greater Cincinnati Breast Cancer Brick Auction, an annual
fundraising event for breast cancer research and treatment.
Tobe Snow, Membership Team Co-Chair, spoke about building
 Merry Lynne Lincove and Maxine
Merry Lynne Lincove and Maxine Solvay (standing) are Co-Chairs
for the National Centennial Convention in October 2012.
 The registration desk.
Columbus Chapter members Rachel Belenker and Judy Hollander
manned the registration desk at the Embassy Suites Hotel.
A display about the "Susan Komen Race for the
Cure" in Jerusalem in December, 2010.
Central States Region certificates on display.
 Display table.
Many different pamphlets and informational items were on view.
The breakfast meeting for Treasurers on Sunday morning.
The Treasurers' meeting.
 The Presidents meeting.
The breakfast meeting for Chapter Presidents.
 Chapter Presidents.
Chapter Presidents at the breakfast meeting.
"The Effect of Gamma Rays" - Carol Rosenthal and Gayna Bassin,
Central States Region Webmaster, spoke about using social media
and the internet to build membership and encourage participation.
 Twitter slide on PowerPoint Presentation.
A slide about Facebook and Twitter in Carol Rosenthal's presentation.
 Carol Rosenthal and Gayna Bassin.
Carol Rosenthal and Gayna Bassin.
Next, Carol Rosenthal spoke about "Nourishing
the Seeds of Our Future".
 Susan Wilkof.
Susan Wilkof, National Vice Chair of Major Gifts, spoke about
the new look of Hadassah and major organizational changes.
Sandi Simms, right, introduced Michelle Elisburg, left, the
Louisville Division Coordinator, who gave "The Young Leaders
Mission Report" about the "Face 2 Face Israel Mission" in 2010.
Next, in a concurrent session, Helena Schlam spoke about the
birth of her grandson at the new birthing center at Hadassah
Hospital - Ein Kerem.
 Chagall Windows at Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem.
The famous Chagall Windows in the synagogue at Hadassah
Hospital - Ein Kerem.
Raye Ziring introduced Dr. Lenny Horwitz, an orthopedic
specialist from Bluefield, West Virginia.

Rachel Belenker, from Columbus Chapter, introduced the next
speaker, Jackie Jacobs.  
Jackie Jacobs, the Executive Director of the Columbus Jewish
Foundation, spoke about "Outreaching Beyond Our Garden" -
how to reach out to corporations and foundations to make new
coalitions and corporate collaborations.
At the Installation Luncheon, Renee Sandler of Cincinnati
Chapter introduced Teri Junker, the new Region President.
 Bobbie Signer, Teri Junker's mother.
Bobbie Signer, Teri Junker's mother, led the opening prayer.
Hamotzi was performed by Corey Schwartz, Gabby Junker, &
Justin Junker, as their grandmother, Bobbie Signer, watched.
 Carol Ann Schwartz with her friends and family.
The table of Carol Ann Schwartz's family and friends.
 Teri Junker's table.
Teri Junker's table.
Rachel Belenker, Rita Rothenberg and Adele Gutterman at the
Hadassah Boutique, which was open during the luncheon.
The Hadassah Boutique offered many chapter items for sale,
including t-shirts, purses and jewelry.
 Susan Wilkof.
Susan Wilkof was the Installing Officer.
The Installation Luncheon.
Susan Wilkof introduced the new board members at the
Installation Luncheon.
 Carol Ann Schwartz and Susan Wilkof.
Carol Ann Schwartz, now Past President of Central States
Region, and Susan Wilkof.
Susan Wilkof installed the new Region Advisory Team.
 Susan Wilkof and Sandi Simms.
Susan Wilkof and Sandi Simms, the new Region Secretary.
 Susan Wilkof and Amy Perlman.
Susan Wilkof and Amy Perlman, the new Region Treasurer.
 Susan Wilkof and Renee Sandler.
Susan Wilkof and Renee Sandler, the new Region Executive
Vice President.
 Susan Wilkof and new Region President Teri Junker.
Susan Wilkof and new Region President Teri Junker.
Renee Sandler presents Teri with a Keeper's pin as a gift from
Cincinnati Chapter board members.
Lisa Newmark, the Columbus Hadassah Leadership Academy
Madricha, introduces the keynote speaker, Joyce Garver Keller.
Joyce Garver Keller, Executive Director of Ohio Jewish Communities, spoke about “Advocacy in Action: How Legislation Affects Our Jewish Community and How We Can Affect Legislation”.
 Luncheon participants.
 Tables at the luncheon.
 Joyce Garver Keller received a Hadassah Certificate.
Lisa thanked Joyce Garver Keller and presented her with a
beautiful Hadassah Certificate.
 Carol Rosenthal spoke at the luncheon.
Carol Rosenthal gave her closing remarks at the luncheon.
 Teri Junker's family.
Teri Junker's family.
 Teri Junker, new Central States Region President, with Carol Ann Schwartz, immediate Past President of the Region.
Teri Junker, new Central States Region President, with Carol
Ann Schwartz, immediate Past President of the Region.
Carol Ann Schwartz with her mother, Shirley Gershuny-Korelitz.
Carol Ann Schwartz with Joyce Garver Keller.

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