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Message from the President


Dear Friends,

Welcome to our  website. The Florida Atlantic Region is very special.  We now have 63 chapters and "Circles of Life" with more than 24,000 members.  We reach from Boca Raton to Vero Beach. Our region sponsors fabulous events throughout the year.  Information about these events can be found on these pages and in our e-bulletin, which will be sent to you several times a year. 

If you would like to join a social network with extraordinary women, Hadassah is the place for you!

Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, has something for every Jewish woman. Are you interested in Advocacy, Education, Medical Research, Women’s rights, and making this world a better place?  Hadassah is the place where we advocate for everything that is important to us as American Jewish women. We get more than we give and enjoy every minute of what we do!

We offer many diverse activities such as Book and Author Luncheon (which sold out for 2013 AND for 2014 in under one day!), advocacy events and social gatherings. Please view our website and e-bulletin and see what we are all about. 
If you would like to be added to our e-mail database, please contact us at FloridaAtlantic@hadassah.org or 561-498-1012.   Also, please visit us at our Region Office in Delray Beach.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Joan Baron, President of Hadassah, Florida Atlantic Region
Go to the Hadassah Website to learn more... 


 WHAT IS 8,030,000?

 Welcome home snowbirds!  We are so happy to have you back with us; Hadassah is flourishing and chapters are meeting and we are saving lives – what could be better than that?

 Our nominating committee has met; the slate has been presented, and the vote was taken on Friday, November 15.  We welcome our new board members, and we will miss our outgoing ones – but we will not let them get away.  

 If you were fortunate enough to see BG (Barbara Goldstein) in October, 2013, then you truly understand what we do and  how and why.  We have DVDs of her presentations in  the office; please call, reserve one and stop by to pick it up – or we can mail it to you.  Please be sure to show this at one of your meetings – an easy and informative program!  Thanks, Bobbi Weissman!

 And thanks to Thelma Meyerson and Sheila Steinberg for their photos.

Our ‘Every Beat Counts’ program is being developed – it will be ready for presentation sometime next year. Please watch for this, so that you can include it in your program/education events, as it is a life-saving  program for all of us. The first presentation in FAR was by Diane Gottleib and Phyllis Gale at the Villaggio meeting in October.  They are reviewing comments and  making sure that the presentation is clear, concise, and informative.  I’ll bet you did not know that more women die of heart disease than from cancer. 

 We have a lot going on: Our Book and Author tickets sold out on the first day of sales - in 22 minutes - AND we added another day for the overflow; Our Ta-Ta's event is being planned for October 26th, and we've hosted both BG (Barbara Goldstein) and Nancy Falchuk here at FAR in recent months. 

 Please check our web page to see what we are doing for:  Parkinson’s disease, macular degeneration, cancer, heart, and ALS.  We are at the forefront of medical  research; to be up-to-date, do a Google search for Hadassah or subscribe to the JTA.

 Ladies:  We can, we will, we must do it.  Our hospital needs beds, patients need care – Israel needs us. WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE – WE ARE HADASSAH – GO FOR IT.

 One more thing: we, FAR, are about 24,000 strong.  If each of us sets aside just $1 each day – we would have $8,030,000 in one year!  Just imagine what that will do for our homeland and for our people – and for people around the world!  So say ‘goodbye’ to Starbucks and  "S-H-A-L-O-M"  HADASSAH!  WE WILL MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN!  TODAH RABAH FOR ALL YOU DO!



5341 West Atlantic Avenue # 305
Delray Beach FL 33484

office: 561-498-1012
fax:  561-498-1599

 Check out our Website at www.floridaatlanticregion.hadassah.org


 SUMMER, 2013:

 Let me introduce you to a new program from Hadassah:  SISTER TO SISTER.

This is really a gift to US, from Irene Polin, who has donated to us $10,000,000 to establish the Linda Joy Polin Cardiology Center at our hospital.  Linda, Irene’s daughter, was born with a bad heart, had three heart surgeries, and died at the age of 16.  With her broken heart, Irene approached Hadassah to reach out to girls and women around the world to ensure that they know their heart health and how to take good care of themselves. 

You will hear much more about this in the future…and you can ‘Google’ sistertosister to see what is going on now.  Should you – or someone you know – be interested in working with us on this program, please let us know.  When we are ready to begin, we will call you.

 Learn the word “PRAZE” – which stands for PRogram, Advocacy, Zionism, Education.

This combines American Affairs, Zionist Affairs, Jewish/Zionist Education, Health & Wellness, the UN, the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute and the Morningstar Commission.

At the core of everything we do, since our founding, is our commitment to Jewish/Zionist education and continuity.  The PRAZE program will carry us into our 2nd century as a major education and Jewish-continuity organization.

 Also, at this time, we are proud to inform you of our ‘cure’ for ALS disease.  Well, maybe and kinda.  You see, we ‘cured’ Haredi leader Rabbi Refoel Shmulevitz, a victim of the motor neuron disease, ALS; he was diagnosed  two years ago. ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease after the iconic baseball player who contracted it in 1939, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that features a gradual breakdown of muscle groups, paralysis, and respiratory problems, and is usually fatal within three to five years of diagnosis.  You can read more about this on our Hadassah website – simply type in “ALS” and see what comes up.

 Are you aware that Hadassah Hospital is involved in the introduction of ‘RUTH MAMMOGRAPHY,’ a brand new  TOUCH-FREE type of mammography which detects the tiniest cells but does not touch you?  This will introduce mammos to women in third-world countries who cannot/will not/do not get a mammo because they cannot/will not allow anything or anyone to touch them.  All you do is hold your arms above your head – like when you get screened at the airport.  “Our solution is not sensitive to age or breast density, and works without radiation.  We image the patient from a distance of 70 centimeters (25.5 inches), with no physical contact or radiation, and we have developed an automatic method that aims to detect breast cancer early, easily and as cheaply as possible.”

 These are just a few of the modern medical miracles in which we are involved.  When someone asks you, ‘Why Hadassah?’ – you now have a variety of responses to give them

WE CURE DISEASES.  WE SAVE LIVES AROUND THE WORLD.  We, all of us, me and YOU, heal moms, dads, and kids every single day.  Who else can say that- and who else can do it?  Those pennies and sheckels help each and every one of us each and every day.  Sleep well and sleep soundly, be at peace knowing that we, Hadassah members, build bridges to peace each and every day.  Our world is a much better place because of YOU.  So, on behalf of all those lives you have saved, on behalf of those thousands of lives yet to be saved, on behalf of the children whose parents will be saved because of YOU – TODAH RABAH.  But - Tomorrow, we get to do it all over again. :-)))


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