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Leading up to the big event, you can participate by helping us raise funds by doing the following:




July, 2014

Fund-Raising Q & A

We recently had a wonderful Fund-Raising Q & A Session.  Women from twenty chapters came together to explore and learn.  Joan Baron gave an update about Hadassah's negotiations with the Israeli governments regarding our Hadassah Hospital.

We discussed a plethora of Fund-Raising ideas and pertinent issues.
If you would like an e-mail copy of our fund-raising suggestions, please e-mail www.FloridaAtlantic@Hadassah.org.


 Check our newest Founder's campaign: STEP UP NOW by clicking here.  And go to the Intranet (intranet.hadassah.org) for materials to use with your chapter.  In the search box, type in "Step Up Now" to access them.

Tower Talk Day

How to Host the Tower Talk Phone-a-thon
Tower Talk Day is on Sunday, September 14, 2014.  We'll walk you through every aspect of how to host this phone-a-thon in your area and how to train your callers in this effort.It is important that your chapter is represented on this training.
Sunday, August 24, 2014, 2:00pm EDT
Wednesday, August 27 , 2014, 8:00pm EDT




Do you know people in high places—those with private or family foundations or corporate funders? We’re reaching out to you. We need YOUR help in identifying new sources of funding or those that haven’t recently contributed to Hadassah! We will build on your existing connections and relationships to open doors and make introductions.

Go through your contacts, pull out that dusty Rolodex and don’t forget about your tennis partners— who might be willing to support the Hospital’s department of neurology, surgery, or cancer research? Who do you know that has an interest in at-risk youth or Holocaust education for students at Meir Shefyah or Hadassah Neurim Youth Aliyah villages?

If you’re thinking closer to home, who might be willing to provide scholarships for youth in Young Judaea programs? Start up funding for Hadassah’s Women’s Cardiac Health initiative? Or funding to support identification and training for new Hadassah leaders?

We’ve celebrated our 100th anniversary and the challenges of our 2nd century are ahead. Let’s work together—no introduction is too small or irrelevant. Please email Natalie Silvermann   silverman@hadassah.org   or Lenore Glickhouse lglickhouse@hadassah.org to let them know that you have names and introductions that you would like to make. They will get back to you to strategize about next steps.

Gloria, Bette, Chellee, Fundraising VPs


Go to the home page at www.hadassah.org for details.



 Do you know about our matching gift program?
Does your company participate in one?
Does your kids’, friends’, neighbors’ company participate in one? Do they match donations from spouses? Siblings? Kids?

There is untold money ‘out there’ and we now know we can tap into it. 

There are 8,000 companies that will – to some degree – match a donation made by an employee/spouse/sibling/ kid. 

Please, each and every one of you, check with the HR – Human Resources- department of your (ex) employer. Have your kids do the same. There is paperwork that needs to be completed, but it is simple….then – guess what! Hadassah gets the money.

Every company has its own rules and regulations. We urge you to reach out ASAP and see what we have been missing all these years.

It’s only a call or an e-mail….how many more lives will YOU save? It’s up to YOU!




 Whether it is food to keep our bodies going, gas to drive our cars or exercise to condition our bodies for sports, we must have those needs to create the desired results.

And so it is with Hadassah – it has goals and, therefore, it has needs – Hadassah wants to heal through operations and treatments  by caring for those who are presently sick. 

Hadassah wants to heal by research and clinical trials which will help people in the future. 

And Hadassah wants to heal by educating and preparing those who will be caretakers.

To accomplish this, Hadassah needs money – Hadassah needs Fundraising!

This year, we have new areas for Fundraising assistance and direction which will help all of our Chapters to achieve their goals!

 All of these will be explained in the Winter Workshop Booklets and sessions.

 For further information, check out:

                    GRASSROOTS FUNDRAISING:

       FRServices@Hadassah.org,  or call 800-928-0628

  Choose Where To Make Your Impact - your dollars can  go into 6 projects;

  Grassroots Gatherings by phone and web conferencing;

  New Cards and Certificates from Hadassah Intranet;

  Wall Recognition as Research Patron, Wall of Healing or Wall of Promise;

  Chai Society – a new entry level annual giving opportunity

And, as a Region, we have some new ideas, including, possibly, a Region Sponsorship Program.

 We will help you achieve your goals for Hadassah and meet Hadassah’s needs, so that Hadassah can fulfill its mission of “healing the daughter of my people” and repairing our world!

 Gloria, Bette & Chellee, Fundraising Vice Presidents



 November, 2012 from Lynn Saxton, Past FR VP

 I love working for Hadassah – and now, since I have returned from Israel and our 100th birthday celebration, I am even more thankful to all of you who came before me and built this wonderful and incomparable organization.

All attendees who went to the convention loved Israel - and hated leaving it!  It is an incredible country - building upon desert, finding water below and above, excavating to Herod's time, standing beside the Wall which holds so many prayers;  and yet, it is a modern world where Israelis  enjoy life today, as it is now, despite the political and dangerous environment.  You can't help but feel proud of what the Israelis have accomplished!

As for our trip, as Hadassah members, we were in awe - of what dedicated and industrious women, working together, could do! The Hospital is amazing and while I stood in so many areas, the Keepers Garden, the Founders Wall, the Lighting of the Way panels, the bricks on the pathways – all represented so many women through so many years that were contributors to the health and welfare of Israel, and through clinical research, the world.


And now, our challenge is to continue to furnish our Hospitals, update our clinics and pay for all the services and operating costs.  We must make Fundraising a major effort – for Chapter quotas, for annual giving, for major gift-giving and for legacy-giving!  Then, we can make our second century as productive and nurturing as our first, as we continue to “repair our world” and fulfill our mission.


Everyone Knows Someone!



This year is a very special one for Hadassah. 

Our goal this year is to create fresh new ideas going forward into our future.

Our dedication and love of all things Hadassah and of Israel must continually grow.  We must encourage our families and  friends to support us as we move forward for the next 100 years.




"Invest in Israeli Stocks"
Call the Region office at 561-498-1012 for details. 
 $2.75 a day gets you...



KEEPERS OF THE GATE annual contributions of $1,000 to Hadassah
further education at Hadassah College Jerusalem, support medical breakthroughs
and treatments at Hadassah Medical Organization, foster Jewish continuity through
Young Judaea, and help disadvantaged children through Youth Aliyah/Children-At-Risk.

For more information on how to become a Keeper of the Gate,

please contact Region Office at 561-498-1012.




Link to the National site, or

call the Region office at











The campaign asks our members to pledge a specific sum of money each year
as long as they are able. 
The funds will support all of Hadassah’s extraordinary
The designated levels were designed to be affordable.

Levels of Giving:

- $100 Per Year

   The Circle of Recognition campaign not only incorporates many opportunities for participants to be recognized, but also includes a distinctive pin that matches a corresponding giving level. 
   Some of the many recognition opportunities may include:
   A pin presentation at a general meeting, a listing of new participants in the chapter’s newsletter, or an annual honor roll printed in the bulletin.  Some chapters schedule an annual function to which only “Circle of Recognition” members are invited.    How does the Circle of Recognition Campaign work? When you examine the Circle of Recognition Pin, it is very easy to see that the Hadassah Heroines are at the center and are the heart and soul that breathe life into the program. Each Heroine has taken one giant step towards building the future of Israel. For all those Heroines that are beginning their journey, they will receive an interlocking double H pin. This pin will signify a commitment of $100 a year for five years. At the five year mark, when the Heroine recommits, she will be gifted the new interlocking double H pin with the Circle of Recognition around it. This level will now designate a $100 a year pledge for as long as she is able.

The Visionaries are the members and participants who see into the future. As Visionaries,  they have taken an extra step within the Circle and they will be given the new Double H pin with the Circle of Recognition around it. Additionally, their pin will signify that they are the Visionaries that will help plan the road ahead. This level will designate a perpetual commitment of $250 a year for as long as the participant is able. 

The final level is the Architects of the Future. These participants are those who have come forward with brick and mortar to help complete the job, thereby completing the circle.  The Architects of the Future pin will include all three levels and will signify a perpetual gift of $500 per year for as long as the donor is able. 

Now that the Circle is complete, we hope that you will join  us.  Every donation is valuable, and every participant is integral to the completion of the "Circle."

Contact your Local Chapter or call the Region Office at 561-498-1012.

Opened for business on March 19, 2012!
Watch the LIVE FEED of the October 16th ceremony.  
Go to www.hadassah.org/livefeed .
The new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower at Ein Kerem is
 more than a building of bricks and mortar. 
It is a promise to serve for the next hundred years. 
Join us in building a citadel of healing, a sanctuary of peace.
Join us in building the future. 
Our towering vision started with a 14-story structure with 500 beds, 20 operating rooms, and a 50-bed intensive care unit. However, the new hospital tower is about more than numbers. It provides a therapeutic and empowering environment for patients and their families, with beautiful healing gardens, rooms designed to meet patient needs, and a comprehensive resource center. It enables our distinguished health care team to expand its trailblazing work, with dedicated space for individualized medical treatment, including gene and stem cell research and computer-guided surgery.

Hadassah is dedicated to maintaining the standard of excellence for which we are known. As a preeminent research institution and international referral center for the most complex and challenging medical conditions, it was imperative that we create a physical plant capable of sustaining our essential work.

To ensure our ability to seamlessly provide patients with superlative medical treatment, we planned to house specialized and up-to-date equipment.  We created an even more inspiring teaching-oriented environment. Also, we increased support for our laboratory research, which keeps us in the international vanguard, and helps maintain our leadership in bringing breakthrough medicine to the world.

From the United States to the United Kingdom, from Mexico to Switzerland, to Israel and  beyond,  we have come together to build a strong community of caring givers. Together, we are building for people. Together, we are building for education…for families…and for healing.  Together we are not ending, even as the new Hospital Tower has been built -  each of us must do all we can, and together we will create the next generation of healers of Israel. 


Family of Major Donors

 Hadassah Chaverim (Friends of Hadassah)
$5,000 to $17,999

Golden Keepers
$5,000 Annual Gift

Young Founders
$15,000 payable over five years
for donors up to the age of 46

$18,000 payable over three years

Centennial Founder
$25,000 payable over five years or a $36,000 annuity

Circle of Founders
$50,000 or more

Golden Wreath Society of Major Donors
$100,000 or more

Guardians of the Dream
Shomrei Hechalim
$250,000 - $499,999

Guardians of Life
Shomrei Hachaim
$500,000 - $999,999

Guardians of Tomorrow
Shomrei Machar
$1,000,000 +

Hadassah South Florida Area Development Center
For Information, call Lisa Moore, Executive Director:
561-997-6988 (office) or e-mail @

Adele Greenblatt, Chair 
Ruth Lindner, Broward Region, Major Donor Outreach Chair
Carol Weiss, FAR, Major Donor Outreach Chair,  cweiss@hadassah.org



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