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Rosh Hodesh

We sing, we dance, we learn, we meditate, we feed our souls and we share all this with our Hadassah women: we need YOU.
Many, many chapters have stepped up to the plate @ the Morakami pavilion to lead our Florida Atlantic Region Rosh Hodesh program. Everyone who participates enjoys it tremendously.

We are proud to say we are booked through April, 2015, but we are disappointed to report we are lacking volunteer chapters to complete the year. Please step up and say yes WE will.

Every Beat Counts

Our Regional Heart Health event was held on July 9 at Bethesda Hospital West. It was very well attended and we learned all about proper heart health: proper nutrition, exercise and the functions of the heart and how it works.  Bethesda Hospital hosted a nutritious heart healthy breakfast.


This monthly Sunday morning class will begin its new season in October. Fran Sachs is our facilitator.  It is open to our membership, and we meet at the Hadassah Office.  Each year, an exciting subject is chosen and discussed. The class has an enrollment of 20, and can fit a few more.  If interested please call us.

 Check It Out

 We have been unsuccessful in restarting our Check It Out high school program . It was not for lack of trying. Schools are burdened with “exams” and ensuring their students are ready for them, so a topic like breast health takes a back seat. As there are no longer Health courses in the Palm Beach Public Schools,  it's a challenge to fit us in. We worked with the Board of Education, who loved the program and was happy to hear it was being reinstated, but even they couldn't open a door for us.

So we are planning another route: a letter has been prepared to send to local churches to ask them if they would like us to present our program. Do you know of a synagogue, youth group (teenagers) or club who would be interested in our presentation? Let us know and we will make the contacts.

Email addresses

We are still lacking the correct e-mail addresses for the education VPs of the some chapters. The addresses I have are coming back as undeliverable. We send out copies of the latest innovations at Hadassah Medical Organization, current Israeli news, and articles of the latest update of technology coming out of Israel.

Chapters    Chevra  Stacey Greene

                  Valencia Shores Debby Gershon


If you are not receiving our emails , please let us know.

Future Plans

In February, 2015, we will have a Heart Health Event : "Every Beat Counts" at the Boynton Recreation area at Jog and Hypoluxo. They feature a Heart Trail to walk. This event  is in the planning stages. Can  you help us prepare?

In May, 2015, we plan an all day event delving into the issues of anti-Semitism at American college campuses and in Europe.

Education clinics

The 2nd and 4th Tuesday mornings, a clinic is led by your VPs of Education.

We welcome representatives from the chapters; bring specific questions and requests. We will assist you and show you what is located in the Hadassah Regional Office.  Please call for an appointment.

Have a healthy, happy and sweet New Year.

Anne Lee Weiner

Marcia Werby

Co-Vice Presidents of Education


The education vice presidents are busy busy busy.

We need HELP for the Region.  

The Rosh Hodesh chairperson is serving in an interim capacity,   We need HELP

The Check It Out committee has a co-chair, but needs a chair.  We need HELP

The Education commitment to the Ta Ta’s program is advocacy.  We need HELP

The Every BEAT Counts program needs an event to highlight it.    We need HELP

We are so excited to offer our Region such fine overall projects; we just need help to bring them to closure. If interested, please call or email us.

Nikki Feldman is bringing Heart Health to our chapter programs. It is being warmly received and we are looking for bookings for the upcoming year. This program underscores how each of us can contribute to our own healthy hearts by living well, exercising, eating properly and treating ourselves as VIP's. Let the Regional Office know if you want to book a program. Thank you Nikki for all your volunteering, along with the Nurses' Council.

Anne Lee is coordinating National convention is Las Vegas, call or e-mail her with questions.

We are in the office twice a month for questions and answers to any of your educational needs, programs, scripts and/or research. Call either of us to set up an appointment—Anne Lee & Marcia 


NEW: To access Education materials, go to the Hadassah intranet site: www.intranet.hadassah.org    

The first time you go in, you will be prompted to create your own password to log on. 

Then click on “Resources,”  and go to:  “Jewish/Zionist Education.” 

There, you will find:  “Go Forth and Study.”

Read through it, print out what you need, and start your own library of material. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at: werbs2@yahoo.com, Hadassahannelee@aol.com, or  


 Marcia Werby & Anne Lee Weiner, Education Vice Presidents


Education Clinic Dates:


                                                                 Marcia leads:                                    Anne Lee leads:

                                        New clinics will be held in the Fall of 2014                                                             



Please RSVP to the office if you are coming.

We are available by appointment if you cannot come on one of those days.

Marcia Werby & Anne Lee Weiner, Education VPs





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