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Camp Judaea Needs your Help

A little bit of Israel in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains

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Week 3 at CJ.


July 4, 2014

Shabbat Shalom


It's been a very busy week here at Camp.  The weather has been very good and we have not been affected by Hurricane Arthur at all.  




Camp Judaea, in Hendersonville, North Carolina, is open for its 2014 summer of exciting, dynamic Zionist camping with the record number of 479 children enrolled and still counting!

Known as “A Little Bit of Israel in the Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains”, this is the summer camp that the Florida Atlantic Region loves and supports.

New this summer are five beautiful brand new cabins, a woodland shelter for overnights with our youngest campers, an expanded healthcare center and a farm. A farm?   Yes, we have expanded our vegetable garden program to include two goats and some chickens and a full-time farm instructor.

I am pleased to tell you that the Harold Grinspoon Foundation will again match chapter dollars donated directly to camp.  The rules of this match are donors (either a chapter, individual, or family group) who donate $1800 or more payable over 3 years will have Grinspoon match it.  The pledge must be made by March 2104 and 1/3 paid within 60 days.  The balance must be paid by September 18, 2016.  This must come directly to Camp Judaea, not to Hadassah.

I hope that many of you will continue your support in this way.

Your love and dedication shows in every smile on our happy    campers’ faces and in every inch of our beautiful camp.

You make an immeasurable difference!

Thank You!






Dear Chapter Presidents,  


Our wonderful Camp Judaea, in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains, is in urgent need of funding.   We are struggling this year as we have raised only $16,000. 

Fortunately, we are thrilled to announce that we have a match grant  from the Marcus Foundation for $30,000  - but in order to get it  - we need to raise our $30,000 by sometime in March ( I do not know the exact deadline).  If you could use your February and  March meetings to pass the hat, it would be a big help. Among the six regions, there are a lot of chapters, and every dollar counts. 
Then please send a region check (to replace the cash) directly to camp; that is the best way to do this. If someone would like to throw a check in the hat, they should make it out to Camp Judaea. 
Thank you for your help. We want to get our kids to camp and don't want to have to turn anyone away because they cannot afford to pay.
The camp's Atlanta
office address is: Camp Judaea, 2700 Northeast Expressway, Bldg C #500, Atlanta, GA 30345-1885

Todah Rabah – Barbara Extein, Camp Chair

Contact me through the Region office at floridaatlantic@hadassah.org.


 By Lydia Krieg

It was a crisp North Carolina mountain morning.  The sun shone strong in the sky and air was fresh in my nostrils.  I was picked up and whisked away to camp where the entire cadre of campers lined up for flag raising greeted me.  The children were grouped in front of a large Star of David flanked on either side by the American and Israeli flags. After short ceremony the entire camp retired for morning services.

The uplifting feeling of seeing so many Jewish children enthusiastically participating in Jewish customs has stayed with me since observing it first hand.  It is remarkable in this day and age of assimilation to see Yiddishkeit being accepted by all these children.  It reinforces the need for a Jewish camp experience, which produces memories, and friendships, that last a lifetime.

The registration season is well underway; we are eagerly anticipating another fantastic summer in Hendersonville.  We expect our scholarship demands will be the highest in history.

Yes, Camp Judaea is feeling the reality of the economic climate and is coping with the rising costs.  We are counting on, and hoping you continue your generous support so that we may continue to provide the high programming that Camp Judaea knows so well.

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