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                ASSOCIATES AFFILIATION                         
will continue to be $212 for 2014.                                         

Prostate Cancer: #1 most common cancer in men*                      

 The Hadassah Associates Men's Health Initiative has been created to help fight prostate cancer, and other deadly diseases like lung cancer and heart disease.                                                                                      
It is a frightening statistic that one in six American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Prostate cancer, as a rule, can only be cured if the diagnosis is early, while the tumor is confined to the prostate gland. But the following short story, which took place in Israel, is an exception. It tells of a patient who was not diagnosed early, who was facing death, and the extraordinary commitment of the    Hadassah doctors who wouldn't give up.

When his own physician told him he was beyond medical help, ‘Yoav’ went to Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO).  It was a last-ditch effort.  His prostate cancer had spread to his pelvic lymph nodes.  His prostrate-specific-antigen level (PSA), ideally under 4, was a terrifying 273.  ‘Yoav’ had nothing to lose by having one more consultation.

Unlike ‘Yoav’s’ doctor, Hadassah’s Dr. Marc Wygoda, Head of the Radiotherapy Unit, refused to give up on this patient.  The oncology team worked together to develop a sophisticated treatment – a combination of high-dose radiation and limited-duration hormonal therapy.  ‘Yoav’ was eager to begin the protocol.  Despite previous failures, he and his wife clung to hope.

Today, three years later, ‘Yoav’ is active and healthy, his sexual function has returned, and his PSA is less than 1.

It is success stories like ‘Yoav’s’ that provided the impulse to create Hadassah Associates new Men's Health Initiative.  This new initiative will support groundbreaking research at HMO, and will help the Associates educate men and families around the U.S. about prostate     cancer.  Choose to save a life.

The National Associates Team embraces the Choose Where to Make Your Impact campaign, especially in the areas of oncology and cardiology.  A new insert card for the Men with a Mission brochure is being created and will explain how men can really make an impact in areas close to their hearts.

For further information contact:

associates@hadassah.org or 800.928.0685; or                     

 Florida Atlantic Region Associate  Chair, Ira at lokandaira@aol.com.


Associates News Update: Spouses Do Cumulative Giving Together!

Did you know that Hadassah Associates and their Hadassah member wives now accumulate their giving together? Cumulative Giving begins with a minimum gift of $1000 made after March 1, 2012. Any gifts thereafter count towards Cumulative Giving. Any Keepers gifts given prior to March 1, 2012 will be included in the Cumulative Giving total. This new system allows members of our Family of Donors to reach higher levels of giving, and to receive the benefits of those higher levels. By combining individual gifts, a Hadassah Associate and his Hadassah member wife can reach a higher giving level faster.

 Cumulative Giving can boost your Associate fundraising because it:

                  v     Allows Associate grassroots donors to become    major donors over time

v     Provides a greater incentive to give and encourages “stepping up” through the giving levels

v     Encourages more husband and wife participation

v     Increases Associate donations

v     Expands Associate Keepers of the Gate

v     Creates Associate family loyalty to Hadassah

v     Improves Associate donor satisfaction


The 2012-2013 has already gotten underway and our Associates are planning an exciting new initiative to help our Florida Atlantic chapters put the fun back in Fundraising!

Our new Associates Chair, Ira Seinfeld, distributed a handsome brochure at our Region Board meeting on September 28.th   It outlines four exciting and fun-filled opportunities for your chapter, with the help of your associates, to bring in $1,000 in just one amazing hour of activities.

If you or a member of your executive board were not present at the meeting, we will mail your brochure to you within 24 hours.  “This year we can only accommodate the first 15 chapters that will be contacting us,” Ira explained, “so once you’ve received our brochure, we suggest that you call the listed number as soon as possible.”

Questions?  E-mail Ira at lokandaira@aol.com.



Associate membership in Hadassah leads to miracles.  The enrollment fee of $212 is invested in an endowment fund.  The income from this fund supports the life-enhancing and life-saving work of the Hadassah Medical Organization.  A one-time gift honors an Associate for life.  He will join with Hadassah women to make a difference in the world.


A Hadassah Associates lapel pin

A handsome certificate

A subscription, upon request, to Hadassah Magazine

Eligibility for Hadassah members' insurance programs that include coverage for catastrophic major medical long-term care, Medicare supplement, life insurance, hospital indemnity, personal accident and cancer coverage.

CHILD ASSOCIATES (through age 16) receive

An age-appropriate gift

A handsome certificate

To make a husband, son, grandson, etc. an Associate, please contact your chapter's Membership VP or you can enroll online at our Hadassah website:  www.hadassah.org.  It will make a meaningful gift for a birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, Bar Mitzvah, graduation, etc.

If you need additional information, please contact the Florida Atlantic Region of Hadassah Office at 561-498-1012.

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