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Circle of Recognition


The campaign asks our members to pledge a specific sum of money each year for as long as they are able. The funds will support all of Hadassah’s Extraordinary Work. 
The designated levels were designed to be affordable.

Levels of Giving:

- $100 Per Year

       VISIONARIES - $250 Per Year


   The Circle of Recognition campaign not only incorporates many opportunities for participants to be recognized, but also includes a distinctive pin that matches a corresponding giving level. 
   Some of the many recognition opportunities may include: 

   A pin presentation at a general meeting, a listing of new participants in the chapter’s newsletter, or an annual honor roll printed in the bulletin.  Some chapters schedule an annual function to which only “Circle of Recognition” members are invited. 

   How does the Circle of Recognition Campaign work? When you examine the Circle of Recognition Pin, it is very easy to see that the Hadassah Heroines are at the center and are the heart and soul that breathe life into the program. Each Heroine has taken one giant step towards building the future of Israel. For all those Heroines that are beginning their journey, they will receive an interlocking double H pin. This pin will signify a commitment of $100 a year for five years. At the five year mark, when the Heroine recommits, she will be gifted a new Circle of Recognition pin. This level will now designate a $100 a year pledge for as long as she is able.

The Visionaries are the members and participants who see into the future. As Visionaries, they have taken an extra step within the Circle and they will be given the new with the Visionary Bar. Additionally, their pin will signify that they are the Visionaries that will help plan the road ahead. This level will designate a perpetual commitment of $250 a year for as long as the participant is able. 

The final level is the Architects of the Future. These participants are those who have come forward with brick and mortar to help complete the job, thereby completing the circle. The Architects of the Future pin will include all three levels and will signify a perpetual gift of $500 per year for as long as the donor is able. 

Now that the Circle is complete, we hope that you will join  us.  Every donation is valuable, and every participant is integral to the completion of the "Circle."

Contact your Local Chapter or call the Region Office at 561-498-1012.


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